A note to Rory McCann fans on Instagram

I have put this note on Instagram itself, and I will also share it here in case you get here first and go there afterwards.


Normally I don’t want to bother with these sorts of things because it’s getting too mixed up in various and sundry and I have gotten, like, fatally allergic to social-media drama. But I am given to understand people are being scammed and I’m not fucking having that. Big man doesn’t deserve his identity being dragged along for the ride either.


1. If it isn’t @bigmanrorymccann, it ain’t Rory.

2. Rory is 99% UNlikely to ever message 99.9% of people on Instagram. And that includes me. I never hear from him either. I am completely fine with this. Man’s busy and don’t know me from Eve.

3. Rory is certainly never going to ask you for info or send you links to click, or whatever these scamming fucking bastards are doing, to steal your account or rip you off. Again… Man’s busy. And that’s just not how he rolls.

So. Follow the blue check that I’ve already tagged twice [in the original Instagram post]. Ignore all those scamming fucks. Report them to @instagram. I understand someone’s notified Rory’s agent too.

Thank you. And for those of you who got snagged, I am sorry to hear it. I hope you nail their asses to the wall.


Someone emailed me about this today and first off, that was a fucking surprise: her email went straight to my normal inbox. I have no control over where they end up unless I use a filter, but I don’t think I have any (or very many) filters enacted there; nevertheless, in the past when people have emailed me about the fan site or Rory, it’s been a crap shoot and they’re highly likely to wind up in my spam folder. But secondly, she was the one who alerted me about the scamming specifically. Me, I’ll see something in my inbox on Instagram from a “Rory McCann”, take one look and know it’s not him, and delete the whole thing mostly-unread. Occasionally I’ll report them. Usually I just see them as a two-second nuisance. But it sounds like some of you weren’t seeing it that way. So be on the lookout.

And… I’m going to scold you a little bit. How many different fucking ways do I need to explain why this is Rory so stop saying it isn’t? That’s half the damn problem right there. Fans have been doubting his official IG account for months. When he didn’t have the blue check, I sort of understood though honestly, a little investigation would have told you that your concerns were likely unfounded. He has had people following him nearly all along who have his personal contact information: Chloe who was his Hound makeup artist from season four onward, and his agent, and a band who’ve actually met him, and his VOICE agent, and need I go on? They had other channels to check whether it was him, yet there they were. That should have been good enough for the rest of us until the blue check popped up. And now it’s there, so you’ve got no excuses left. It isn’t Twitter (X?). IG’s got slightly higher standards for verification. They just do.

So. Stop being fucking wet blankets and pay attention to what’s going on. Thanks. Not all of you were guilty of otherwise, but a lot of you were. Hopefully you were not taken in due to your inordinate degree of suspicion, but I never know what people are going to do anymore, so I’m covering all the bases. Moving along now.

[edit] He’s following Texas now too! Remember this?