Finding Rory

[19 February 2021] Rory McCann has a reputation for being a recluse. He is not above socializing with friends or even partying with strangers when the mood takes him, but he is known to keep to himself for such long stretches of time that human touch, even a quick hug, becomes a bit overwhelming for him. So, yes, Rory’s reputation is more than a little deserved.

Anyone who’s been a Rory fan for more than five minutes is probably aware of this. So, probably one of the things fans are most likely to wonder is, “Where is Rory right now?”

No one is going to tell you where Rory McCann is right now, and if they’re smart they won’t even tell you if they know. It’s tough on an introvert to be chased around all the time. I will say that when he turns up, it’s often at one of the following sorts of establishments:

coffee shops
concerts (rock, classic rock, and metal seem to be favorites)

He has long been an outdoorsman, going climbing, hillwalking, hiking, and camping. It is not unheard of to run into him out there on one of his excursions, but it’s not anything you can count on, either.

Although he is from Glasgow, he seems to have favored Ayrshire (the county southwest of the one Glasgow is in) over the past decade, even docking there for a time. It is unclear whether he is still living on a boat at this point, and rumor has it he’s actually gotten married, so those of us in the fandom keeping a look out for news are expecting to see new and different information on this in the near-ish future.

Probably the quickest way — for some value of “quick” — to get wind of his recent public sightings if you are on Instagram is to check out the #rorymccann tag now and again (click on that from your phone, be signed in to Instagram, and there you are) and then click on Recent at the top of the search results. That’s only as good as people remembering to add his tag to their posts, but sometimes a new thing turns up. That said, I don’t know if he requests this or not (he might — his sister’s on Instagram and she’s probably wised him up to all this), but most of the people who run into him in public tend to let some time go by before announcing it to the world. It’s harder to track the big man down when you don’t know where he ate dinner last night. I suspect that’s rather the idea.

DO NOT count on him attending any more conventions; when he had to cancel his Comic Con Scotland appearance for October 2019, he cited wanting to focus more on his career and opined that he probably would not be doing any more autograph sessions — which, he did one to make up for missing the con — either. I’m not going to hang on that as his final word. I have a feeling that if his bosses on some project insist that he attend some specific convention like San Diego, he’ll do it. But he probably won’t be another Lou Ferrigno*. Sorry.

*”Why Lou Ferrigno?” you might be asking. “That’s a random name to pull out of your ass.” Good question. I saw him at a local Wizard World shin-dig back in ’17. Got all excited about it ’cause I’m an ’80s kid and we all grew up with The Incredible Hulk on TV… and then someone told me he always does cons. Huh. Okay. Well, that’s one I know I’ll never miss as long as Lou’s alive and healthy and something doesn’t put him off his feed, so maybe I’ll get around to an autograph and maybe not.