Administrivia: 10 September 2021

Okay, time to get real with y’all. I mentioned in the previous post that I’m relocating. To give you an idea of what’s coming up I’m going to reveal some things about myself. Nothing earth-shattering, but stuff I would hardly have considered sharing just a year ago.

So, I may have mentioned in some incarnation or another of this website that I am in the Rust Belt region of the United States. To be more specific, I am in Columbus, Ohio. I will now be moving to south Louisiana, where the bulk of my closest family lives.

The reason I am bringing this up is so that if things really slow down at this site beyond my usual taking forever to get anything simple done, it is because south Louisiana is part of the Deep South (oh hey, Rory… heard you’re interested in the Deep South… there I be, very soon!), the poorest region in the United States outside of certain Native reservations, AND the place my family is from is in the heart of a region informally referred to as Acadiana, which is mostly rural. Is the lightbulb going on yet? Bet it is. They do have cable internet and DSL internet in many places there. I do not know how extensive the availability is. They also have cell phone access — again, I do not know how extensively available it is. Between one and the other and the other thing, I will be online from time to time, BUT, I do not know how often or consistently I can be online. And a lot of my online-time may be communicating with my kid (who is almost 17 and needs to stay where job and school opportunities will be thickest) much more than building anything website-y per se, at least in the beginning. I don’t know yet for sure how that will go, but I thought I had better manage expectations ahead of time.

Let’s put it this way. 20 years ago I was staying with my dad down there, right? You had to dial long-distance to get onto dial-up internet from where he lived. The one exception to that was America Online and lemme tell ya, I held my damn nose when I signed up for that because I thought I’d long outgrown it. BOO! And in ’06 when I stayed there, there was cell phone reception, but it was not everywhere yet. I have reason to believe that has all improved, given how many people local to my dad (who still lives in the same area) are on Facebook now, so I’m not exactly pessimistic, but in case I overestimate how good the situation is, I want to prepare you all.

When’s the moving date? That’s not set yet: I can say “September something,” but that’s it so far. I’m undergoing a massive purge of unnecessary property (18 Doctor Who tshirts, y’all… tsk) and waiting for some issues to resolve before I go any further. For example, I am changing up my banking to be more portable, so I’m waiting for a debit card before I can close down some other stuff. But I anticipate I will be out of here well before the 22nd, when a stupid thing is going to be happening that was just going to turn my life on its damn ear. I am done with my life being turned on its ear by other people, and one person in particular [glares in House Male’s general direction], so this time I’m getting proactive.

The good news is that the job market is a job seeker’s market at the moment and this time, I’ll have a car so it should be pretty straightforward to get myself set up. Which means that at some point I’ll likely be in some small town with access to cable internet or DSL. And then it’ll be my party.

I will say that although there has been a lot I’ve liked about living in the city (I will REALLY miss the library system, and will probably hold on to my account for as long as they let me just so I can check out e-books!), I’ve also absolutely hated how one must have money to spend in order to maintain any sort of social life, and I’ve particularly hated the way my life has stayed stagnant all these years in other ways because everyone thought I was married to House Male. I wanted to be there for my kid as she was growing up, and would have had to work around House Male’s workaholic schedule had I landed a job, so I stayed home. And with no family nearby I just kind of… stayed isolated. I’m no extrovert, but it was horrible. I don’t think I will know what to do with myself when every other person I run into is my cousin’s sister’s uncle’s best friend from second grade going “How’s yer mom an’ em?” It will be AWESOME, I think.

I’m so ready for things to get better, y’all. It wasn’t living in a tent with an Icelandic winter coming on, but I feel like my life has been one huge misadventure for 22 years. Like being buried alive. No more! Onward.


And, for a bit of Rory-related news: I had one of Those Moments reading the Google alerts. Thought for sure I was going to hear about an upcoming new role. Nope. It was some dumb article about the guy who played the big bad in the second Jumanji movie, and Rory was mentioned in the article because he became the next big bad. Oh, come ON, Google. Oh well…

Postscript: Thursday was so fucked up for me that I forgot to post this. Its almost 5am Friday and no, I didn’t stay up this whole time. Long story, not important, it’d just be nice if people would stop acting fucking psychotic in my immediate vicinity…

Administrivia: 05 September 2021

Peeking in again. Personal stuff going on again. In a tizzy again. I am not going to explain it here, because that is not what this is for. If you really want to know what’s going on, you have ways of finding out from here if you think really hard about it. I have been meaning to link to my homepage from here anyway. I will probably do that soon.

But to make a very long story very, very short, I will be relocating soon. I think I might have mentioned that already, but things have gotten so stupid and I am under so much stress that it’s either leave or drop dead of a stroke or something. I exaggerate only slightly.

If Rory has stayed single all these years and isn’t just being secretive, he’s the smart one.

ANYWAY, I don’t know how much of an interruption to this site you should anticipate over the next few months. Where I’m hoping to go, internet connectivity will at least be better than it was the last time I lived down there. I can’t predict anything else about how things will be. It will depend on whether I can go stay with my dad a while. I’m thinking probably so but, given the way the year has gone so far, I’m not counting on it. If I do move in with Dad then interruption should be minimal and I still can’t say how often I’ll look in here because I’ll likely be working as many hours as I can manage and probably taking care of my dad too. If I can’t move in with Dad, shit, I don’t know. I have some ideas. The interruption will probably be longer, in that case, until I sort all that out.

It’s just more uncertainty and I’m already living with a lot, but at least I’ll be able to figure this bit out and stand to be much happier in some ways once it’s done.

Okay. Enough of that. Here’s a Rory to cheer me up.

up yer kilt!

It is always a joy to see pretty legs on a man. Hee.

Administrivia: 31 August 2021

This update’s purely for fun.

Remember me posting this on Facebook? We all got a good giggle out of it.

The intro and the first couple verses especially.

Wait, hold on, what? Did they mention a butt?

You mean this one?

Bruce who?

I still can’t get over that. He has a better ass than The Boss.

Sorry, Rory.

No, I’m not. At least one of us has a nice ass.

I’m working on my homepage currently, as in “my home on the world wide web,” because it has been sorely neglected for years. But I keep hopping back and forth from this to that to the other thing. And I looked in on one file folder and I found these two images right next to one another in the list.

This one first:

" die here."

Then this one, right after:

"...You live here???"

It’s a shot from Solomon Kane. McNess is saying to Kane, “…You LIVE here???”

(Rory was wasted in that movie. I don’t think the writers quite knew what they wanted to do with McNess. Fucking shame. I would LOVE to see Rory in more comedic roles. Love a man who makes me laugh.)

Just a funny little juxtaposition in my cluttered-up files.

Oh, and you know that image of him sitting on the beach reading his book in between takes of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage? Yeah… I found that book on Amazon. Debating whether to get it. It’s part of a two-book series, and the first book can be had in softcover for like five cents, and the second is not insanely-priced either. They are about a family living on a sailboat. I know of three book franchises Rory has read and liked that I also like, so at this point I’m basically unafraid to try something else he’s been caught reading. I wouldn’t necessarily like everything he does, but being curious about what he does like is, shall we say, a more focused approach to finding new things to read than just closing my eyes, spinning in a circle three times, and throwing a dart at the shelves in the middle of the public library.

Also less likely to get me arrested.

This really is not a good time for it.

I still have another thing I want to grab but I have not emailed the source yet to see if it’s all together or if there are pieces missing. If there are pieces missing then there’s no point getting the thing because guaranteed the piece with Rory in it will be part of what’s missing. Story of my fucking life.

Okay. This has become about distracting myself from what I was actually doing. Back to it. Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

Addendum to previous


I am not in bed yet, no.

I was just looking at the visitor traffic stats.

First off, who the heck keeps visiting from Not Puerto Rico? It’s like, it’s Puerto Rico? But then it’s also Washington, DC or some other mainland location at the same IP address. Are some of you using IP masking? I mean, go ahead if you want, just be aware it’s parsing REALLY weirdly and maybe you might want to ask for a refund.

Okay. That aside.


I have NO idea who. I just know they’re in Irvine.


It’s probably nothing. Dammit, it’s probably nothing. I AM GONNA GET EXCITED ANYWAY. I don’t have enough good excitement in my life right now.

Okay. Now I am going to bed for reals. Holy shit, I did not want to fall back into bad habits…

Administrivia: 29 August 2021

Remember how Rory was going to attend Comic Con Scotland in 2019 and then didn’t, citing having to “work on his acting career,” but agreed to a private autograph session as a substitute and then proceeded to write his poor lovely hand off for something like 200 to 300 autographs?

The company behind the autographs claimed that they would photograph every single autograph signing as another proof of authenticity. Fucking good thing too because they never sent me my certificate.

I always meant to go back through and see if I could tell he was signing mine, but had never gotten around to it.

Well… I finally went through.

Rory McCann signing my autograph


This is also from that same print he was autographing above, and he’s written the first letter of my first name. There were quite a few like that, so he didn’t exactly sign 300 autographs but it was a lot. Poor big man. Poor lovely hands.

Rory McCann starting my autograph

And lovely eyes. And lovely basically everything, SIGH.

I thought he looked tired when I first saw these pics and I still do, and it’s not a criticism — whatever prompted him to back out of the con, he did go more or less out of his way to make the fans happy despite all that and I truly do appreciate it. I hope someone took good care of his hand afterward, though. Grrr.

Also, I am in that weird place of recognizing parts of his wardrobe, like I can tell when he’s wearing his Hound audition shirt, and then there’s this blue denim-looking button-down thing I sometimes see him in, and he’s in that here. I am way too familiar with a man I’ve never met. I’m sure it would creep him out. I’m so sorry, my dude. I mean nothing nefarious by it.

(Also, we wear the exact same style of reading glasses. I wonder if he got his in a five-pair-for-cheap deal from Amazon like I got mine. It wasn’t on purpose, I just saw a price I liked and knew I wouldn’t get by with just one pair. Now I’m looking at him going “wait a minute.” Hahahahaha.)

I kind of wish I’d had more lead time in which to send him something truly individual, or that I could have thought of something clever to ask him to write. Considering that most of his autographs in this session were just his name, though, I didn’t make out too badly in the end. If I ever get another chance, and I won’t, hopefully I’ll have some actual illustrations I’ve done lined up as possible candidates to send. Stranger things have happened. I just don’t think it’s terribly likely. I think the whole fandom thing has plumb wore him out.

No I didn’t make any special effort to censor out my name from the photo. Oh wah, you can see my first name. Whoopty-doo.

I will most probably get both of these printed when I get the chance. I’m getting a lot of my digital photos printed to paper anyway, because having them digital-only makes me really itchy. I don’t want to lose Younger Kiddo’s entire childhood. So, one of these days I’ll get that sorted. His can go into little frames on my Rory shelf. Yes, I have a Rory shelf. Yes, there is probably something very wrong with me. Hahahahaha. But I can find all my Rory stuff, so there’s that.

Okay. It’s almost 4am. I need to get my ass to bed. And the rest of me too, or the sleep won’t do me any good. Le sigh.