Administrivia: 06 July 2024

[singsong] Somebody’s gonna get suuuuued [/singsong]

But… If you ever wanted Rory McCann in your bed, I suppose this is as good a way as any, and better than most. For one thing, he can keep his marriage vows. Convenient!

Here’s the archived page because even if the seller’s not sued or taken down, eBay listings eventually expire. You’re welcome.

NO, I’m not getting this, though I could use some bedsheets. I would like his poster from this film but for bedsheets, if I ever do lose my everlovin’ mind, I’d prefer him in his thirties and a kilt. He got way too far into the bad-guy thing as he got older and, well, I still find him quite appealing, but… you know.

Anyway. How ’bout them Mets. I’m gonna go… get some more coffee. Yeah. That’s it.