[23 February 2021] Hi. I’m Admin.

Hi, Admin!

I began this site in April 2019 in a sudden burst of inspiration right before Rory McCann’s 50th birthday. I notice coincidences, so naturally I ran with it. If you want the whole story, that’s here.

I named the site what I did because at the time I started this site, I wanted some social media accounts to go along with it and just about every permutation of “Rory McCann” + whatever key words that I might have thought of was already in use. I decided to go with something based off his real-life nickname back home in Scotland, “Big Man” or simply “Big,” owing to his being 6’6″ in height. It’s a good thing I took that approach, going by the few women I heard from anyway at Instagram thinking I was the big man himself. Had I used his name in my handle, that would have been a much bigger problem.

The tagline is just to drive home the point that this is entirely a fan effort. No one asked me to do it, currently officially approves of me doing it, or is paying me to do it. Also, yes, I’m aware I look silly as a woman in her forties setting up a fan site, and I’m pretty sure I’d be self-conscious if Rory asked me about it in person. “Abashed” basically means “embarrassed,” so there you go.

Speaking of Rory, you might be wondering:

What if Rory ever sees this site?

Rory may have seen this site. Rory’s sister, Sally-Gay, started following me on Instagram in late May 2019 (and you should have seen me when I noticed; she came in with a sudden influx of people before I had even posted any photos of Rory and it was all I could do not to bounce in my living-room chair and squee like a little kid) and Rory’s marina friend started following the Instagram in late June of that year. Both of them have “look at this nutter on my smartphone” access to the big man. Rory’s sister deleted the account she was using to follow me in January 2020 (the week of my birthday! [sniff]), but the friend was still there right on up til I deleted the Instagram in early 2021.

And no, I’m not full of myself. Sally followed a LOT of Rory fan accounts on IG in 2019. Her account was private so I couldn’t see her follow list, but there’s a loophole: when I ran into other fan accounts I would sometimes check to see if she was following them, and often she was. Rory has said that Sally and his mum are his biggest supporters, so this does not surprise me. The only real mystery was why she followed me before I even had anything to look at. But I thought asking her would have been exceptionally gauche, so I didn’t.

Anyway, if anyone were going to mention this site to Rory, they’ve had ample opportunity. They also had plenty of time and ability to message me if they’d thought I was being out of line. Nothing. Crickets. So I remain optimistic. I also got a compliment from one of Sally’s former schoolmates, who doesn’t know Rory directly but knows people who run websites, so that was pretty nifty too. These are the sorts of things you carry with you in case you start to doubt yourself. Glob knows sometimes I do. But this has, so far, been too much fun to give up, so on I go.