┬áHi! You want Rory McCann? I’ve got Rory McCann.

…Well. Stuff about Rory McCann, anyway.

[03 July 2021] I have changed the layout again! Here are some pointers for max enjoyment.

Header photos: There are lots! Refresh THIS page to see more of them. This won’t work on any other page; this theme pushes the header photo up out of the way so you can see what else is here. Yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry about that.

If you’ve already reloaded a bunch of times and are thinking, “Hey, why do I only see images from [production] and [production]?”, I have a metric fuckton of screencaps from my time on Instagram (used to post them, had a lot of fun for a while), and I’m going through one folder at a time. Don’t worry. There will be more.

I DO NOT GUARANTEE you will be able to get the images to rotate on a phone. For the full effect, look at this site from a real computer.

Navigation: This theme is designed to work on both real computers and phones. The menu will be condensed into the word “menu” and three lines if you’re on a phone. Business as usual, really. I can actually do a Home link now in the menu, so you should have no problem getting back here if you need to.

Okay, that’s it. Have fun.

– Admin