Administrivia: 28 June 2024

Okay y’all, it’s crunch time. I have everything lined up that I need to line up to be able to put images back where they’re supposed to be. The problem had not been as large as I had imagined it, I’ve just been dragging ass.

(I got a diabetes diagnosis back in March and I am actually doing far better with that now, but I think I’m still traumatized from the past three years, to state it baldly. Working on it, but I still have my moments. Lots of them.)

So I am setting up the new target for the domain DNS right now. What will happen is you will continue to see this website for most of the day tomorrow, and then tomorrow night about half an hour before midnight, shit will go down. Or you’ll load the website and it’ll just be a generic WordPress instance. DO NOT PANIC. That is just me needing to get in there and import the site file and also install the theme and the custom settings. If I’m feeling REALLY ambitious I’ll get at least a few header photos in too. NO PROMISES. That needs work anyway. (Yeah, what the fuck doesn’t here.)

Unless I’m exhausted tomorrow night, likely I’ll at least get the text-based content (blog posts, articles) set up. If I’m awake and frisky, I may get most of the work done. Let’s find out!

Okay. Back into the fray. Just wanted to let you know what to expect.