Administrivia: 23 June 2024

Yes, things are still up. Here is what I know from the past twenty-four hours’ experience with one site migration:

1. It takes twenty-four hours just to redirect a domain to new nameservers. I don’t remember it taking this long in the past, but it takes this long now. So when, NOT if, this site goes down, it’s going down hard. There is a workaround to make it take less time, but that looked like a lot of complicated bullshit (Old Host really does not want me to leave, apparently… tough shit, I’m done with their highway robbery) and so I’m letting it take the twenty-four hours. Which, it does sort itself out at the twenty-four hour mark. I checked. It’s fine. Just annoying for that twenty-four hours.

I could go ahead and set everything up on the other end in anticipation of stuff working properly 24 hours after I re-point the domain but until the domain name is pointing to the proper WordPress instance, I will not be able to see what the fuck I am doing without more complicated bullshit involved. I’m not interested in complicated bullshit. I have enough to deal with without deliberately adding more. See next item.

2. What I thought was just a media file I could export from Old Host and import into New Host is actually a file WordPress refuses to incorporate — odd, since WordPress is the software that generates that fucking file — and when I looked at the code it didn’t look like it contained actual images anyway. I have no idea what that was about but it’s not going to work, so thank god I am so lazy about keeping up with blogs because this particular site doesn’t have much on it yet. And I will still have that additional work to do adding in the image files it’s missing.

Now imagine what I’ll go through with this one. OMG

So even when it’s back up it’ll be broken for a bit. I’ll set it to rights as soon as I’ve got the spoons and time for it. This blog will import just fine but it’ll be missing images until I get around to that.

3. Along with the images not exporting and importing, I have to install this theme on the other end and then reconfigure it. I will TRY to see if there’s a configuration file I can just export and then import, but I don’t think so. It’s funny, because the structure of WordPress was based on a very old blogging platform called Greymatter, and you could export and import your custom layout settings in Greymatter. I should know. I used Greymatter. I miss it like hell — it was awesome. But this is what I’ve got now and it’ll be all I can do to avoid getting tangled up in AI. Long story short, I’ll probably have to fix the blog theme settings again and if I do have to do that, stuff’s gonna look funny for a bit.

I mean, this is a chance for me to rethink the header though, I suppose, if it comes down to that.

We’ll see how it goes.

Timeline? Okay, I have until the second of July to absolutely get all this shit done before I’m expected to pay for another month at Old Host. They like to bill me on the 27th, but if I don’t put money on that card for them, they’ll go begging until the second. So I have lots of time, but I just want to get this done. Sooooo probably the next forty-eight hours?

Also, I need to warn you. At some point I will move the bigmanchronicles domain name itself because I want to move all my domains so as to have all on one fucking hosting account finally. I may do it soon, or I may wait another number of months until New Host has another domain sale, which also applies to domain transfers (you have to pay for another year in order to transfer a domain). I’m sure they have them periodically. When I do that, the site will be down for anything from a day to a week. If the latter, it’s gonna suck. You’ll hate it. I get regular daily visitors here in the double digits; I know you’ll hate it. I will too. BUT I WILL GIVE YOU PLENTY OF WARNING. I can’t rely on some site followers to warn all the other site followers, because you aren’t even all aware of one another. But hopefully my warning will reach enough of you that people don’t think I’ve quit.

I mean, quit on the big man? Come on now. This is me we’re talking about. 💙🤍💚

Also. While this shit’s going on, and the domain transfer too when it does, you can check here for updates. I’ll have ’em. No, this is not a ploy to get more eyeballs on my site. It’s just the logical place to go since that’s my home page and I’m the site admin here. Cool? Cool.

Don’t, like, send me text messages asking me when shit’s gonna be up, though. You’ll know it’s up when I do; first I’ll know is when it’s actually back up. They don’t send me notices or anything.

Okay, I think that’s it. If I think of anything else you probably need to know about this, I’ll post again. If this site disappears in the next couple days, the DNS settings change is taking place, so just hang on tight til it’s done. Twenty-four hours. That’s it. Promise.