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I Love Rory McCann. Well, yes, I suppose I do, or as much as I can considering he’s a complete stranger, but that’s actually the name of this Tumblr blog. This is the gold standard, the site that inspired me to do this in the first place because I saw she hadn’t been active in a long time and thought that was such a shame. I decided to carry on her work. And so I am posting her here to thank her for the idea. Ma’am, you fucking rock.

I haven’t looked for more fan stuff in a while (see below for last-updated date) but in the past, 90% or more of what I found was just Instagram profiles recycling the same stuff back and forth. If I find anything interesting by random chance, I’ll link that here too.

Rory 101

Rory McCann at IMDB. Full of ads and visual clutter, one reason I’m adding his filmography here.

Rory McCann’s profile page at Emptage Hallett Talent Agency. Yes, you can write to him here. This is how I would address it:

Rory McCann
c/o Emptage Hallett Talent Agency
3rd Floor
34-35 Eastcastle Street
London W1W 8DW
United Kingdom

(“c/o” means “care of.” You could write that out instead, but I think they will know what you mean. Another way to do it is to have Emptage Hallett Talent Agency on the first line, then as the second line write “Attn: Rory McCann,” but I think that works better when the person you’re addressing actually works at the agency, and Rory doesn’t, he is just represented by them.)

I do not know if Rory ever answers fan mail anymore. I know he used to. Emptage Hallett suggests enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your letter or whatever you send (do not send an international reply coupon), but we don’t know how much time the big man has these days or how much mail he gets now. I know he was pretty swamped at the height of Game of Thrones fame. So be prepared for anything, really. I’ve written to him twice now, but I didn’t give him any way to write back to me, deliberately, so I’m no judge.

Rory McCann’s profile page at Monster Voice. This is a TREAT. You actually get to hear the big man. (His voice ages like a fine whisky, doesn’t it? Mmmmm.)

Rory McCann’s Wikipedia article. Has been added to since I started this site, but still pretty vague. Another reason I wanted to set up this site in the first place.

Rory McCann’s Instagram account. Yes, FINALLY, this really is him. Apparently begun in November 2022. Don’t expect much of this sort of thing…

200 crashes!  😜

…Though you used to be able to catch him “joust” waiting on his blue check. 🤪🤪🤪 (Which he now has!)

People of interest

Chloe Muton-Phillips. Rory’s burn-makeup artist from season 4 onward in Game of Thrones. This is her professional Instagram and has some really cute behind-the-scenes photos of Rory. She also has a private IG, and sometimes she leaves it public and sometimes she locks it down. If you’ve ever seen the photo of Rory sitting on his boat with a big shit-eating grin on his face surrounded by beautiful women, those were some of the crew of GOT and she was in the photo. If they’re not best buds now, they were when the show was ongoing, and sometimes she will explain old photos to fangirls on IG. Very cool person. No, I don’t think she and Rory are involved (this has been asked, and she has resoundingly ignored the question). Her name actually pretty clearly indicates she’s married already (British women hyphenate their married surnames quite often compared to American women), and I want to say I’ve seen pics of her husband on her IG, but don’t hold me to that.

Jonathan Ford’s Game of Thrones portraits on Behance. I’m not sure this is actually Ford’s account (look at the top of the page) but there’s a representative sample from his famous photo shoot and two excellent portraits of Rory.

Helen Sloan on her own site and on Instagram. (Primary?) Still photographer for Game of Thrones. The website only has one photo of Rory in Sandor’s fight with Brienne but there are a few more at her Instagram.


[Last updated: 04 July 2024]