Videos I find at YouTube or maybe elsewhere, shared as embeds each on their individual pages. If it’s multi-part I will likely put all the bits on their own single page just so you don’t have to click around to look at them all.

Each item is dated either by date created or date uploaded to YouTube. I’ll be specific on the individual item page.

New items marked “new” in red font, and I’ll also mention them on the blog.



new 2017-05-01: Marine Protect – Powered by NTI

2017-04-19: Texas – Tell That Girl (Official Video)


2015-12-07: German Comic Con 2015 Game of Thrones Panel Q&A with Rory McCann & Nathalie Emmanuel

2015-03-25: Indiana Comic Con 2015 – Rory McCann Interview

2015-03-16: Rory McCann and Jason Momoa Q&A Indiana Comic Con

2015-01-25: Rory McCann at 21st Annual Screen Actor Guild Awards


2014-04-21: Game Of Thrones – Rory McCann (The Hound) Uncut Thronecast Interview

2014-04-05: Game of Thrones’s ‘The Hound’ Just Wants Some Puppy Love


2013-10-30: Game of Thrones Panel: Arya Stark, Drogo & the Hound!

2013-08-28: Rory McCann Tampa Comic Con 2013

2013-06-09: Interview: The Book Group

2013-02-26: Glasgow Film Festival 2013: Game of Thrones – Q&A with Rory McCann


2012-03-07: Rory McCann Sandor Clegane audition


2011-01-16: Rory McCann “The Hound” in BBC Comedy Pilot – Freddi Teaser/Trailer


2007-04-11: First Vote Green on the 3rd of May 2007


SPECIAL: Coming Soon, a UK mini-series created by Annie Griffin, who Rory fans know better as the creator of The Book Group. I wanted to put all of these on the same page, but they were uploaded by a certain YouTube account (not me) in several pieces per episode. So, one page per episode it is. Sorry.

By the way? NOT KID- OR WORK-FRIENDLY. Sex and nudity happen.

If you only want to see Rory, watch the final segment of the final episode. But please don’t sell yourself short like that. The show is weird around the edges, especially to anyone who’s never worked in theater *raises hand*, but it’s not a bad show. You’ll see some familiar faces, too, not just Rory’s.

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3


new Date (aside from year) unknown: Jack ‘n’ Jill


new Date (aside from year) unknown: Scott’s Porage Oats Man


SPECIAL: Footage of Rory’s old band Thundersoup. This was also the year Rory fell off that cliff in Yorkshire, for those familiar with that story, but I don’t think it had happened yet when this was shot.


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