One crazy coincidence

Some of you longtimers will recall I used to screenshot episodes of The Book Group on Tubi.

It’s totally free, no need to sign up for an account. The only real drawback, aside from the occasional ad (and it’s not too bad), is that they cycle through offerings a lot faster than Netflix does.

As you know, my ass is broker in the past two years than it was for over a decade before that because it’s just me now and I’ve got no backup anymore. So I haven’t tried paying for cable or Netflix or Hulu or anything like that. So, aside from checking videos out of the library, which I have also done from time to time (we have a fantastic library system), I tend to look to Tubi as one of my forms of television or film entertainment. Not all the time, but it’s there and sometimes I take advantage.

Well, tonight I discovered they have the film One Crazy Summer. I hadn’t seen it all the way through since I was a kid, and have forgotten more than I remembered. I did remember liking it a lot, so was delighted and decided to watch it again.

And here is where I explain why I am writing about it here.

It’s a story about a guy last name of McCann…

…Who takes part in a sailboat race.

The universe is a fucking hoot sometimes.