Still puttering

I found I had not fixed the comment functioning: to wit, I hadn’t turned it off. Grumble. But I think we’re good now. I’ll know when this post publishes.

No I am not done adding the pics back in! I AM SO SORRY

I got sidetracked. That’s happening a lot lately. I’m also wrestling with depression, which is probably why. There is a specific reason for it which I never spell out anywhere because, on top of the shit I’ve already been handed in the past three years, this is a new wrinkle and me spelling it out might cause me local problems. So I won’t. There is nothing I can do about it anyway, if I’m right in my assessment of the situation.

Okay. But I’m in front of this thing now and I SHOULD, no promises, finish it today. Um, not FINISH finish — there’s always something to add, it seems — but at least get stuff back mostly to how it was? Right. There you go.

Am debating about the header though. Do I want to put that completely back how it was? Because I’ve long been contemplating taking it in a different direction. But I am nowhere near ready to try the other thing I wanted to try, so. I dunno. We’ll see.

[edit] Yep, that worked! No more comment box. Woohoo!