Game of Thrones star can’t wait for show to end as he admits swearing at fan

SOURCE: The Mirror
AUTHOR: Karen Rockett
DATE: 16 July 2017
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NOTE: I share this article with reservations. There’s relatively little quoting of Rory in the story and quite a lot of the writer interjecting their own interpretations of everything, so it is possible they took his words out of context. That said, when you’re a major introvert and every time you turn around people are calling you by the name of an imaginary character and you’re just not in the motherfucking mood, sooner or later you’re going to snap a little. The fact he doesn’t more often is evidence that on some level he likes having fans, even if he’s not so crazy about the extra attention.

Also, in other interviews where he’s been quoted more directly and completely, he’s said over and over what a blessing Game of Thrones has been for him, and how really the worst parts were the latex on his face and the odd way he had to shave his beard when working. Limping and being sore are different from being tired of a show. I dunno. I hate tabloids.

Also see this piece. HMM.


Rory McCann – who has appeared as The Hound since the show’s first series – said he needed to “chill out” after filming series seven

Game Of Thrones star Rory McCann has revealed he is looking forward to the hit show coming to an end after suffering exhaustion and swearing at a fan.

The actor – who has starred as the fierce and towering The Hound since the show’s first series – will return for the penultimate season, which begins tomorrow.

He said he needed to “chill out” after filming series seven and teased that most scenes had been shot “in a blizzard”.

Asked if he was happy the smash-hit show was finishing next year, McCann replied: “Yeah, I’m tired. I’m still limping and sore from this season.”

He added: “I do get recognised and I try to be accommodating but I prefer not to be noticed, to be honest, and disappear.

“Even the other day someone caught me before breakfast in a strange place.

“I didn’t even manage to see him and the guy went ‘you’re The Hound’ and I just said ‘f*** off’.”

And it wasn’t just fans of the show that sometimes got on his nerves, but also the mechanical fans used on the set.

On the upcoming seven episodes, McCann said: “It’s coming together though, it’s getting colder.

“Most of our scenes have been in a blizzard or in a pretend blizzard and six months later we’re dealing with ADR (where dialogue is re-recorded after shooting) because all you can hear is fans.

“We’ve been lip-reading for each other for most of the season because there’s a fan going ‘whirrrrrrrr’ and someone throwing snow in our face.”

Asked if the series had been the most physical so far, McCann responded: “It’s only going to get worse.”