Administrivia: 22 August 2023

Have been getting in some more work on the site. I don’t know why I feel the need to announce small changes like that. Attention-seeker, maybe. But at the same time I avoid nearly everybody in my meatspace life. Go figure.

(See Rory, you’re not the only one who’s self-contradictory. Haha.)

I am thinking I will probably keep the “administrivia” feature after all but just have it be about the site. Expect that to be more of a regular feature starting in September. I like timing things to coincide with beginnings of months. Something else I can’t explain about me; I just roll with it.

I am also thinking about a different thing to do with the picture header but that’s going to take longer to materialize. I like to draw the big man. Some of you have seen that. I might actually do that to have my own art for the site. If I do, it’ll be headers primarily unless I think of a way to use the pieces elsewhere.

This may be the closest I get to breaking my “no making money from the fan site” rule, too, because I might decide to list finished pieces after photographing them or whatever. I haven’t decided yet but it is not outside the realm of possibility. People do fan art of the Hound now and again but there’s no reason I can’t dodraw his other characters too. There’s even a really cool shot of Kenny McLeod I might attempt. I’m getting way ahead of myself because I don’t do nine-tenths of the shit I say I’m going to do but if I follow through with this, they’ll likely wind up on Etsy. The fees are not insane.

(No really, they’re not. There are still people selling their own art on eBay and that appalls me. No listing fee but the final value fees’ll kill ya. I mean they are painful.)

Don’t be surprised if I end up adding other people’s fan art here. The most likely way I’ll do that is by embedding from deviantART. I have seen some fucking excellent work there, at least one piece of which Rory actually owns. Shit you not. GOD, I envy that artist.

Do you suppose Rory has some kind of souvenir room at this point? We know he’s kept swords and armor from several things he’s been in. We know he’s kept at least one piece of fan art. That stuff’s got to go somewhere. It’d be fun to see.


Seriously! We’d love to hear from ya any old way.

Okay. Stuff to do. Onward!