Administrivia: 18 April 2024

I can’t remember if I have ever posted to this blog from my phone before. So this may actually be a first.

I couldn’t resist. New premiere photo droppage.

Rory at Knuckles premiere

Take the following in the context of my sincere and completely uncreepy admiration for the big man.

I had someone tell me ages ago that they couldn’t believe Rory was married because no one had cleaned up his appearance. I am not sure we talk about this in the fandom very publicly because it is too easy to sound mean about it, but he is a jeans and tshirts guy who keeps outfits a long, long time, and his grooming up til now has been shave it all off or let it go wild ever since his hair loss got fairly advanced.

Notice I shared no opinion about this. I am only describing.

But with that in mind, look at him again.

That is a new outfit. It looks fantastic on him, though it also totally changes his “vibe.” Another thing about him is he’d either be Scottish wild man or James fucking Bond if he did dress up. This is a complete departure from either.

And then? That is the most groomed I have ever seen his facial hair. WOW.

I am not ashamed to say I had to look at his pics twice because y’all, I wasn’t sure it was him.

I do have opinions about this, but they are not important and I don’t care what yours are either, Fandom, so no weird Instagram DMs trying to answer that question, please. I am just sharing the new thing. Enjoy. Or not. Long as the big man’s happy, that’s what’s important.