Administrivia: 29 July 2023

Hey gang.

I said this on my personal account on Instagram, and I’ve had a borderline shit day and a strange week and two years’ worth of heartbreak so I was not super nice about it, but I’ll be nicer here.

This doesn’t happen hugely often, but it does happen, so: Please stop DMing me asking me about this Rory thing or that Rory thing*.

Look, I know you probably send Rory DMs now that you have a direct line** to him. And that he never answers you. And that I at least, once in a while, may speak to some question a person asks me, or I used to, anyway.

But the problem is that as obsessed*** as I’ve been with the guy, I still don’t know the guy. Anything I could possibly tell you runs a high risk of being incomplete, mistaken, or downright bullshit. I don’t like to think so, but I’m human. I fuck up too.

If you see someone or get a DM from someone pretending to be him, just report them. It does not matter what I think of them. You know where Rory is. He’s the blue-check being followed by his screen-acting agent, his voice-acting agent, a band or members of that band who have met him in person, his former makeup artist, and possibly Maisie Williams (he’s definitely following her). So basically, anyone who isn’t that account but is saying they’re him is full of shit. Easy.

Anyway, I don’t always see messages in time to respond in a reasonable amount of time. That’s no good either, so just don’t. Thanks.

*And especially do not be asking me about that Rory thing. You could ask Mrs. McCann, but I doubt you’ll like her response.

**For some value of “direct,” because we don’t actually know whether that is Rory posting. It’s definitely his account and the account definitely posts pics of him we’ve never seen anywhere else (well, until people steal them and repost them elsewhere), but it may actually be Mrs. McCann doing the posting.

***Not “boil a bunny” obsessed, but maybe “talk endlessly about trains” obsessed. Except, well, this train is vertical (except when sleeping) and has no tracks (except the ones he leaves when hiking).