Administrivia: 27 July 2023

I literally am never gonna shut up and let this site speak for itself, am I

That’s okay. There’s still good stuff here, you just have to work harder to find it right now.

So here is a funny thing that I bet most of you haven’t seen and I’m gonna post it here and it’s not Rory but I hope Rory sees it. Rory’s a funny guy, I bet he appreciates other funny guys, and this guy hails from Rory’s neck of the woods so he ought to find it extra funny.

I dreamt last night…

Seriously, go watch that and laugh your hairy arsehole off. Out. Whatever.

We all need a laugh ’cause another of Rory’s jobs is ending. BOO. I heard. That Transformers series is done very soon now. Well, Rory already knew that, probably months ago, but suddenly now it’s news. Or, I dunno, it was news already and I missed it, which is not at all difficult to believe, but I heard about it finally the other day. Like, less than a week ago. And what do I say about running this fucking place?

Right. I chronicle. I do not scoop.

Oh well. If this means Rory’s finally working on that fucking TV show I AM ALL FOR IT.

Even though it’ll probably be ten fucking years before I finally get to watch him as DCI Daley.


But, here he is as a cop in another thing.

Hope Daley has a happier ending than… well… I’ll shut up. And I still need to get State of Play. It looked like the whole thing was going to be good. But what did I do instead? Bought a second copy of Hot Fuzz. I thought I was done with DVD impulse buys. Shows what I know.

Okay. Bedtime. Whee! (It’s almost 2:30am.)