Administrivia: 18 May 2024

There we go. [looks at title] I think my brain’s back on right-side up.

Got this relatively lovely piece from ScreenRant in my Google Alert today; surprisingly, it was the only link I got today. It’s still lazy in places (peep the Lurch entry and you’ll see what I mean), but much less so than usual.

I just had to laugh because I looked at the header image and immediately knew where the The Book Group photo of Rory as Kenny came from: this is right after Fist borrowed Kenny’s wheelchair to race in, and he’s at Barney’s place smoking a joint and pondering why Fist would want to use a wheelchair “when she’s got legs like that.”

I am not sure what it says about me that I know that. Hahahahaha

Real talk: the past 2.5 years have done a number on me. I still have quite a bit of my Rory stuff, but not as many of the DVDs. I am proud to say I have not let go of my two seasons (series in the UK) of The Book Group, though. I have to look at the bright side. I love Rory in Game of Thrones, but I’ve got me a soft spot for Kenny McLeod. Can’t help it, the man’s adorable.

Weren’t we all when we were younger, though.

Okay, I wasn’t. But most of us, I bet.