Administrivia: 14 May 2024

A few updates.

1. At the “urthboundmisfit” handle on Instagram, there is a reel. Turn the sound way up on your phone or whatever, then click that reel. It is instructions on how to report all these little assholes going around Instagram pretending to be Rory so that Instagram will shut them down. Long story short? “BIGMANRORYMCCANN” IS RORY. NO ONE ELSE IS. Okay? Can we settle that finally? Thanks.

I am sorry about the sound quality, and right now I am too duh-brain to try to figure out something better. If someone with a home studio and five fucking phones to use as models would like to take a stab at this, be my guest. Because I keep seeing follower counts on these imposters, which tells me fans are falling for it. Even if it’s only, like, twenty-four of them or something. Still too many. Anyway, at some point I may set up an instruction page here for anyone who wants to nuke the imposters from space just to be sure. Do not count on that until I’ve gotten settled on the West Coast.

[EDIT: I was so duh-brain I forgot my usual format for post titles here. Oops. Fixed. Also URL so I hope none of you linked to this.]

2. Oh hey! I get to live on a West Coast too! Not Scotland’s, unfortunately.

But! I will dig being near a beach for the first time in more than THIRTY years.

3. Speaking of. I leave Louisiana on Sunday night. There was nothing for it; if I don’t leave on the nine-something-PM departure, I will have to wait a really long time to catch the last leg of my trip. I’ll have to wait several hours as it is. Let’s not make that suck any more than it already will. Anyway, that’ll put me at my destination on TuesdayWednesday afternoon if everything goes well. [knocks on head]

[EDIT: Wednesday. Not Tuesday. Corrected.]

(Did I tell you all the story of how I have been knocking on my head when I say “knock on wood” — USA version of the UK’s “touch wood” — for well over a decade, only to see Rory doing it in the YouTube vids of his panel at the Glasgow Film Festival a few years back? I about shit. That was AWESOME. I’ve never seen anyone else doing that.)

I might post here again before I go and I might not but the chances are considerably better than they were the last time I posted, because so much was still in the air and I didn’t know when anything would be happening. It’ll probably take either something really cool happening with Rory or me being really bored, because my hostess is going to be out of town from tomorrow sometime until sometime Saturday…? I think? So I am going to take that time to do extra prep for the trip. It’s not necessary to the trip, but it’ll increase the chances of a good outcome on the other side. To say I have been anxious and overplanning about my preparations is an understatement. But it’s better than being off-the-cuff and random, I suppose, in terms of usual outcomes.

Okay. ‘Later.