Administrivia: 16 October 2023

I posted a while back about imposters on Instagram pretending to be Rory. I hadn’t wanted to keep harping on about it but someone messaged me pointing out that a lot of people don’t know his real IG handle and would be taken in. I still don’t want to say something every single time a spoofer turns up, because it gets tedious and looks like I’m drama-mongering.

However, it looks like quite a lot of you are wising up. I recently shamed a spoofer on my IG and THE VERY NEXT DAY, another one tried it. I saw the notification pop up. I thought, I’ll get around to that asshole later. Well, when I looked later — it hadn’t even been six hours — he was nowhere to be seen. He’d added me — so said the notification I had seen — but he was no longer in my Follower list.

I’ve been back and forth with family and friends in my IG direct messages about the situation with my father, which I mentioned here more recently, and noticed I had a message in my messages-from-not-friends folder. So I went and looked. I couldn’t see the pfp or the handle anymore, but going by what was said in the message I’m pretty sure that was Spoofer Two. But he’s been suspended.

Way to go, y’all! Keep it up. Nuke those fuckers from orbit just to be sure.

Honestly, I don’t know what Spoofer Two was thinking. Rory would never message me, much less like that. It wasn’t the sort of message that would have pissed Mrs. McCann off… it was just really not in character for Rory. I think Rory appreciates his fans on some level but would rather appreciate us at a distance, and I’m sure he’s met enough crazy people chasing him around that he’d rather not take the risk of encouraging any more to go off the deep end. If it were me, I wouldn’t. Not because I’m mean, though I can be that too, but because I’ve learned through painful experience that people misinterpret things. Nah. Pass.