Administrivia: 05 December 2023

Oh wow, it’s been almost a month. Sorry! Okay. Right quick:

1. I saw that new reel or highlight or whatever it was that Rory or the missus posted recently. He’s showing off Jackdaw. Love to see it, big man, but unsure whether or when it will be available here in the USA. And you probably said and I just can’t fucking remember. I’ll catch up one of these days. I am shit at keeping promises anyway, so I try to avoid making them, but I’m utterly hopeless about promises in the past couple years. Obvious reasons, to you longtimers.

2. So it seems we can thank the big man’s turn in Game of Thrones for an uptick in the fortunes of Scott’s Porage Oats. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Look here, item 34. OI, BIG MAN. How about HD versions for those old ads? Asking for a WHOLE LOT of friends. Erm, other fans. Well, you know what I mean. THEM.

3. Stuff’s going… about as well as it ever goes. I have my bad days and my mediocre days. I am not sure I know what a good day looks like anymore. The mediocre days are quite tolerable, however. I will say this: Nobody is allowed to share weird news nor do strange things to me in January this coming year. I hit my half-century then and goddamn it, I want some fucking peace. Put it off til February. Give me that much. It costs you nothing. Thank you.

P.S. Been rewatching GOT. Always a pleasure.


Rory McCann in Jackdaw

When the trailers for Jackdaw first started coming out I saw no sign of the big man whatsoever. I just went and looked at one on YouTube and almost near the end, THERE HE WAS.

And I wondered the same thing I always wonder when I see him with a firearm in a film: How much experience has he got with them in real life? Just a random idle curiosity. I know it’s different in the UK.

Anyway. I know you guys probably saw that image a million fucking times around Instagram already. I’m just fucking pleased as punch that I caught it.

[edit edit] No wait! It’s coming out NEXT MONTH!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!