Administrivia: 04 July 2023

Hi again.

Rory McCann in Slow West

I “sound” a bit too somber there. Things are going okay [knocks on head]. It’s just I get seven paid holidays a year and we’re winding up Independence Day. I keep telling myself I only have three days left to go in my work week and I got paid for doing fuck-all today. Well, not entirely fuck-all. I’ve cleaned some and cooked some. Though I may be about to punt that new slow cooker out the kitchen door. I’ve not decided yet. Anyway, I hate being regimented, and I knew that going in, but I need the job and it pays okay, so here I be. I am apparently doing well for a beginner, if not brilliantly, so that’s a good sign. I’m also paying rent on my apartment now like a normal person. Gasp.

I think I’ve just spent too much time alone if you want to know the truth. It’s not a big deal usually; I may actually be a bigger introvert than Rory is. I KNOW Seriously, though, he still goes out and parties. Or did until fairly recently. Me, I always feel awkward in social gatherings. Maybe that’s why he drinks at parties? He can do that, though. He’s six and a half feet worth of big strong dudely dude. In my experience, men take a drunken woman as an invitation to mayhem and they will not care that I’m fat and frumpy and funny-looking. I’d be easy. No good. So I stay out of that shit. But I could do with some sort of social interaction that my ability to make a living isn’t hinging upon. I’ll think of something.

Anyway! I’m pushing myself hard on this ’cause once I get going, it won’t be so bad… I’m finally beginning work here at the site. I had considered, and posted at least twice about, doing everything in a sandbox WordPress installation and then replacing this all at once. I have decided that that is probably too much planning and possibly redundant effort. Also no good. But it’ll creep up on you from the past moving forwards. I intend to still have some auxiliary pages here to serve specific functions, but most of it’s going to be inline as part of the blog, and I will be making liberal use of tags and categories. It will all be searchable, just as it is now, and hopefully the increased use of tags and categories will make it even more so.

I’m afraid that when it comes to using source material it’s going to wind up looking more like a Tumblr blog and someone get me a fucking eyepatch and a parrot, BUT, I will link to sources wherever I can. And the archived versions of those sources. I want you to go find where this stuff came from. By all means please do. I will make it easy for you.

In the end, well, I don’t want to say “ultimate Rory McCann fan resource” but maybe I’ll get it top ten? I’d like that. That would be fairly awesome.

Okay. I’m gonna go see if that fucking slow cooker is working

[exit to kitchen]

[triumphant re-entry]


Holy shit, Batman! I’m cooking! HOW long has it been. Jesus. I will have my own meal to take to work tomorrow!

It’s the little things.

But not only the little things.

"I'm six foot six, Fist."


[edit] Couple of very minor changes thus far because I kept getting sidetracked:

1. Installed a plugin that will create a tag cloud on its very own page. Actually, I have to create the tag page, but it’ll have a shortcode on it that’ll display all the tags I use from here on out.

The idea, ultimately, is to give you three ways to search info: (a) broad categories of information, such as filmography; (b) tags for more specific details; (c) search bar, which is not going away and which will search both pages and posts (an important distinction in WordPress).

2. Deleted the previously existing categories. They are likely to be fine-tuned over the next several months, but I wanted to start over from scratch, anyway.

Not terribly important info for most people but if you geek out about this shit, that’s what’s up. Sorry there isn’t more yet. It’s a start.