Administrivia: 20 September 2023

Hey, I don’t know who the fuck’s visiting here from Chicago from like a dozen related IP addresses in one day but you can knock it the fuck off. It’s not cute, it’s not charming, it’s gonna get your entire IP range blocked because there’s no fucking call for that. Period. Grow up.

I mean the chances of that even being a weird cellular-network glitch are pretty slim. Reads more like an attempted DDOS attack, and not even a very professional one.

I got no beef with Chicago usually; I’m aware some American conservatives have a hard-on for criticizing every little thing about the place and just making shit up if they can’t think of anything. That’s not me; I’m not a conservative anyway. That just really is where this fuckwit was from. No, I’m calling you a fuckwit. Yes, you deserve it. Don’t ever do that again.

Not a good time even if I were up for weird attacks. It’s the two-year anniversary. Go find something useful to do, like chasing parked cars. Thanks.

I almost never have news about Rory. We all know this. Hello to Dundee, though. [waves] Cheers.