Administrivia: 08 April 2024

Oh look, it wasn’t a month again!

You will recall in the previous post I mentioned that Jason Momoa is doing a Guinness ad. He’s actually doing at least two. The first one I saw was the one joking about Ancestry DNA (or a similar service) telling him he was two percent Irish. The other one is just him hanging out with various people. I watched the whole thing hoping for a big man drinking photo. No dice.


But in the general theme of big-man-related (however distantly) TV ads? Have you seen the latest Scotts Lawn ads???

I had thought there were only one or two. There’s an entire muhfuggin SERIES.

Okay. I adore Kris Hivju. He’s fun. But he’s SO not Scottish.

I mean, I can hear him trying. I can hear him nail little bits of it here and there when he speaks. But it sounds more like “I hung out with Rory McCann for months filming the north-of-the-Wall scenes and I’m drawing on what I remember of him speaking off-camera to play this role” than like “I trained with a dialect coach.” And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that (the former, not the latter) is exactly what it is.

I wouldn’t care, because it is just TV ads and it’s not like they will cure cancer or bring about world peace or anything, but the United States has this long history in our popular media of NOT getting Scottish accents (there are more than one) right. It’s not even close. Here we are with more access to information than we’ve had in all our history and someone should have done their homework on this. It would have been a lot more fun.

As a postscript, and apropos of absolutely nothing, I have seen the headquarters for Scotts Lawn with mine own eyeballs. They are located just southeast of Marysville, Ohio, just off US 33, and I have taken a few food deliveries out thataway (not to the HQ, but traveling the road past it) in the past few years. It is not one building but a literal compound and looks very Stepford. Which is no more than I’d expect from a corporation that is no doubt the darling of suburban homeowner associations across the United States, actually.

Okay. Just checking in. I’m off again. Have fun, kids.