Administrivia: 05 January 2024

Hey y’all. Happy New Year!

So, drama happened in mid-December. Then drama happened a few days after. Then I reached out to people, then I got invited back to live with my father, who has been through a major medical crisis in the past few months. So I am back in Louisiana, but there wasn’t anything (anyone) left in Ohio for me to stay for anyway. I miss the place, and my going back is not off the table, but it’s not likely to occur for a few years yet. That’s okay. I’m tired of not knowing what’s going to happen next, and me with zero economic defenses.

But! I was already slow with this site with all the other shit that went on last year (I AM SO GLAD 2023 IS OVER) and it’s going to be even slower now. But I do have options. I have a friend with a decent internet connection and I need to go visiting sometimes anyway. I will also get a library card once I get my state ID (driver’s license) situation sorted out, and they have internet too. So I’ll just schedule shit. Why not. Might as well. I can’t imagine I will find full-time work yet, so that should leave me time for hobbies.

I mean I don’t expect anyone’s watching proceedings here with bated breath. It’s just the kiss of death, at least in SEO terms, to leave this thing not updated. So I’m fuckin’ updating. Mwah.