Administrivia: 03 May 2024

Okay. End of an era. There is no longer a page index for articles about Rory. If you look in the menu (instructions for finding it are on the front page), you will find the Articles item is gone. [plays “Taps”]

All is not lost. The articles are still here, but I have pulled them into the so-called “blog,” which may be renamed at some point. I’m not sure. And if you look under the blog categories in the sidebar (or the bottom bar, if you’re on a vertical screen), you will see an Articles category. THERE they are. Yay!

I may not have remembered to add the Articles category to all the articles. If that’s so, I will catch my error eventually. No fret.

I want to do this with the photos next. I make no promises about when that will happen. The process is going to be a bit more involved because I want that to be more useful than it is. I like being able to see an old photo and being able to say “Oh yeah, that was Rory at the SAG Awards in 2015” because who doesn’t like feeling smarter? And it really just puts his whole career all in one place, including illustrations. Love it.

The archives section in the sidebar may get a bit unwieldly unless I figure out a better system. For now, it’s just going to be REALLY LONG. Sorry about that.

And, as I’ve already mentioned but in case you’re new here, the search function is very, very good. If you want to look up a specific thing that you know the word for, just type it into the search bar and go. If you’re on a horizontal screen, it’ll be in the sidebar to your right. If you’re on your phone, you’ll have to scroll down but whatever the fuck the orientation does to the sidebar, the search bar will be located at the top of it. Easy-peasy, Rory-squeezy. RORY CUDDLES OMG.

Just kidding, Mrs. McCann.

No I’m not. The clothes would stay on.

ANYWAY. I want to get some libraryage before they close. The way this weather is going, you may hear from me again tomorrow. Grumble.