Hi. I’m Dana.

Hi, Dana!

I first really noticed Rory McCann and became a fan in late 2018, or that’s when I started compiling photos of him and information about him, anyway. And then, around the time the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere happened in New York, I noticed I was getting much more attention for posting Rory pics on my Instagram than I was for my own stuff. Not surprising, but I’d be lucky to get even one like for personal stuff and when I posted him it was more like thirty or forty likes and maybe a comment. And then it came to my attention that some people were starting to see my Instagram as a Rory fan thing. I didn’t want that; I wanted my personal account to be my account and to not have to fight with people in my own space.

I looked around at other fan efforts and realized that, except on some Instagram accounts dedicated for the purpose, no one was really keeping up with their Rory fansites anymore. I thought that was a shame, and decided to start one of my own. I am an old hand at doing self-hosted websites (as in, not using space on someone else’s site, like a Blogspot blog for instance), so I thought, “What the hell.” Then I realized it was getting to being late April and I thought, “Huh. I could start this to coincide with Rory’s 50th birthday. COOL.” So that’s what I did.

The title is a reference to Rory’s nickname at home, “Big” or “Big Man,” which is… a thing in Scotland with anyone who knows a tall man. (I suppose it beats “wee man” for the short ones.) I chose it because so many other possible iterations of a Rory McCann fansite name seemed to have been taken, and I wanted something I could also translate into an Instagram account name since at that time, I wanted some social media accounts to go along with the site. (I have since changed my mind. Whether I ever change it back… who knows, really.)

The subtitle is to assure you that (1) Rory and/or his inner circle didn’t ask or hire me to do this; (2) Rory and/or his inner circle didn’t give me permission to do this; and (3) yes, I realize I look very silly fangirling over a total stranger, thankyouverymuch.

Here are some bits you might be wondering about:

Intellectual property
Privacy policy
Social media

And here are a few other bits you might be wondering about:

What if Rory ever sees this site?

Maybe he has.

I started this site in late April 2019. In late May, I had this sudden influx of followers to the now-defunct Instagram account — not a huge number, but more in one day than usual — and one of them was Rory’s sister, Sally Gay. I hadn’t even started uploading photos yet. I was so confused. I mean, I found out she was following a bunch of other Rory fan IGs too, but those actually had interesting things on them. It will be a mystery for the ages. Anyway, she stuck around until January 2020 (the week of my birthday, mind you) and then either changed her handle or deleted the account entirely, and she never came back, though I’ve recognized her new handles at least twice. (If that’s one more than you’ve recognized? Don’t ask. She changes it for a reason.) And of course the IG is gone now so it’s a moot point.

Several months ago (could not tell you when, I’m terrible about time), I heard from a former high-school classmate of hers who told me she (HS Friend) never knew Rory but did know Sally Gay and also knows people who make websites and so she wanted to compliment me on the work I’d put in. I thanked her — what an awesome thing to say — and didn’t think much more of it at the time, but now I wonder what led her to me if she doesn’t know Rory. Was she looking him up just ’cause, or is she still in touch with Sally and Sally directed her here? Dun-dun-DUUUNNNNN…

And then there’s Rory’s friend who either owns, manages, or both, the marina where Rory docked his boat for so long (and may still). He showed up about a month after Sally-Gay did on Instagram — and from then until I deleted it, mine was the only Rory fan thing he followed there. That’s an even bigger mystery. All I can figure is he’s a really busy man. He has barely posted anything on his own account. I still know it’s him, though I won’t say how.

One or the other of them, Sally Gay or Marina Buddy, could have shown Rory this site, easily; if nothing else, handed him a phone and said “look at this nutter, would you?” But no one has yelled at me or anything, so it’s probably okay.

Where is the big man now?

I have no idea. Go here for more on that. (If you’re a longtime fan, it’s likely nothing you don’t know.)

Comments or email

I am long out of the habit of allowing comments on any blog I control. In my experience, the makeup of typical blog commenters is about 40% sincere commenters, 50% spammers, and 10% drama queens. The sincere commenters frequently ask questions I had already answered somewhere. The other categories are self-explanatory. Let’s not.

I haven’t made up my mind whether I will ever facilitate people being able to email me, but am erring on the side of not until I figure that out. I no longer have the gossip pipeline that I had at Instagram to keep on top of new developments; I have a Google Alert set up, but it only goes so far. But I also don’t want to deal with spam or (the possibility is small but still there) harassment. We’ll see.


Nope. I’m operating this site at a loss. It is strictly my weird little hobby. One reason I started collecting all this stuff in the first place was I was trying to get a better sense of the man. I don’t know if you have ever heard the term bricolage, but that’s what this all is. It’s really for me. I just put it here because I thought other people might like it too, otherwise it’d all still be in my personal private files. The second it starts being more trouble than it’s worth or I stop being able to afford it, it’ll be gone, just like the social media accounts connected to it have already gone poof. I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

You may see me mention some fan-art or -craft thing I’ve got going on that’s tangentially or actually related to Rory. I won’t be linking directly to those things from here. If I link to anything on Amazon (e.g., Rory’s filmography titles), it’ll be a plain link, not an affiliate link. There are ways to tell by looking at the URL (website address). You’ll see what I mean, if that ever comes up.


[Last update: 12 February 2022]


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