Hi. I’m Admin.

Hi, Admin!

I began this site in April 2019 in a sudden burst of inspiration right before Rory McCann’s 50th birthday. I notice coincidences, so naturally I ran with it. If you want the whole story of how I became a fan, that’s here.

I had been keeping a friends-only album on Facebook with photos of Rory and articles about him from the end of 2018 onward and, sometime around the premiere of Season 8 of Game of Thrones the following April, I had been posting pics of him on my real-name Instagram and the responses I was getting made me realize people were starting to see that account as a Rory fan account, which I had not intended. (For one thing, I have a weird last name and didn’t much think it would be easy to direct people to my IG when they couldn’t even spell the tag! For another, I just wanted my social-media space to be MY space, and I don’t mean MySpace.) I had been looking at some other fan efforts and realized that nothing outside of Instagram was really being updated regularly anymore, and decided that that just would not do. I decided to start my own thing.

The title is just to help me stand out against all the “Rory McCann fans” and “Rory McCann forever” and “fuck yeah, Rory McCann” stuff out there, plus it’s a reference to Rory’s nickname at home, “Big” or “Big Man.” The tagline signifies that my efforts here are not officially sanctioned or authorized by said big man and yeah, I know I’m fangirling and I’m a bit self-conscious about it. Ha-ha.

Here are some bits you might be wondering about:

Intellectual property
Privacy policy
Social media

And here are a few other bits you might be wondering about:

What if Rory ever sees this site?

Rory may have seen this site. Both his sister, Sally-Gay McCann, and his friend from the marina have followed the Instagram account when that was still a thing. Sally-Gay came in sometime in May ’19 before I’d even gotten the account properly started or posted the first photo, and it was all I could do not to DM her and ask “Why me?” since she was also following big accounts like Hound’s Lair and I was a great big nobody. Marina Friend showed up in June around the time those photos were circulating of him and Rory in Norway for the Robert Plant concert. Although Sally stopped following me and a bunch of other fan accounts the following January (week of my birthday [sniff]), Marina Friend stuck around until I shut down the Instagram in late 2020. I was the only fan account he was following, and I don’t get that either. I’m guessing he just didn’t use Instagram very much. He is undoubtedly a very busy guy.

ANYWAY, both of them were close enough to the big man to hand him a phone and say “hey, look at this nutter.” You never know. I got no complaints or threats from that quarter, so either I was doing something right or I wasn’t doing anything horrible. I’ll take it.

Where is the big man now?

I have no idea. Go here for more on that. (If you’re a longtime fan, it’s likely nothing you don’t know.)

Comments or email

I am long out of the habit of allowing comments on any blog I control. In my experience, the makeup of typical blog commenters is about 40% sincere commenters, 50% spammers, and 10% drama queens. The sincere commenters frequently ask questions I had already answered somewhere. The other categories are self-explanatory. Let’s not.

I haven’t made up my mind whether I will ever facilitate people being able to email me, but am erring on the side of not until I figure that out. I no longer have the gossip pipeline that I had at Instagram to keep on top of new developments; I have a Google Alert set up, but it only goes so far. But I also don’t want to deal with spam or (the possibility is vague but still there) harassment. We’ll see.


Nope. I’m operating this site at a loss. It is strictly my weird little hobby. One reason I started collecting all this stuff in the first place was I was trying to get a better sense of the man. I don’t know if you have ever heard the term bricolage, but that’s what this all is. It’s really for me. I just put it here because I thought other people might like it too, otherwise it’d all still be in my personal private files. The second it starts being more trouble than it’s worth, it’ll be gone, just like the social media accounts connected to it have already gone poof. I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

You may see me mention some fan-art or -craft thing I’ve got going on that’s tangentially or actually related to Rory. I won’t be linking directly to those things from here. If I link to anything on Amazon it’ll be a straight link, not an affiliate link. There are ways to tell by looking at the URL (website address). You’ll see, if that ever comes up.


[Last update: 05 August 2021]


Also, if you really must, I’ve got a sort of about-me page here.