Administrivia: 26 September 2022

If you ever see an “uncategorized” item under the category list in the sidebar (may be down below the content if you’re on your phone), that was just me forgetting to categorize a post. Which I did with one from August. Fixed.

When I first found out I had COVID I had bought a single test from Meijer. After I found out I had it I bought two more tests from Amazon and picked them up at a locker so I wouldn’t have to be around people. Took one of them several days after my first positive test and though I hadn’t had a fever in something like two days by that point, I was still getting that second line. So I put off testing again for a while. Well, I finally did yesterday and I’m all clear.

I still have a very little residual nose goop and cough but nothing to write home about and they hadn’t been bad to begin with, compared to how it gets when I catch colds. I do worry just a little tiny bit about whether I have any organ damage that hasn’t made itself obvious yet — that has been known to happen with this fucking virus, heart damage in particular — but the only other thing I’m contending with is loss of appetite and even that’s going away, and my sense of smell seems to be back too, most of the way at least. So until a problem actually crops up I’m not going to obsess about it. It’s more like a “hm, wonder if I…?” sort of thought. It’ll pass.

Still in that contact-center training class, which the last day is the 8th coming up. We’re going to work on resumes (CVs) this week. I’m being told I have some “really good” job experience, or “really impressive,” depending on which instructor you ask. Don’t know if they get paid to say that, don’t care. Just want to be employed very soon after. I am ready to stop tearing up my car and maybe, if I’m especially lucky, to be able to buy my own. Long story, yet one more thing Former House Male lied about; I’m over it. Soon as I get that mess sorted out he’s going to be left contemplating all possible meanings of the phrase silent as the grave. My silence, I don’t give a fuck about his. He wants me gone? Okie-dokie. I’m gone. Have fun knowing you’re a scrote, scrote.

I miss my kiddo one hell of a lot, but even that’s a minefield. I’m curious to see what will happen after early November, when she turns 18. I suspect her silence is entirely her idea, but if I’m wrong, after that date he won’t be legally able to shut her up. Nevertheless, I’m waiting on her to make the first move, which I have already told her more than once. And I will not be dwelling on it any more than I want to dwell on whether I’ll drop dead of COVID heart damage six months from now. Nothing I can do about it. Done deal. Only thing to do is live until I can’t.

Moving on now. You didn’t come here for my soap opera. I just like to let people kind of know what’s going on. I don’t have many folks to talk to these days.

More actually relevant to this site, I’m mulling over what to tackle first because stuff needs worked on. I can’t put a LOT of work into it just now because I am not out of the woods yet. I’m a little disgusted with myself, though. I’ve been having this song and dance with myself since before the big blowup a year ago. (Yes! It’s been a fucking year! I KNOW!)

One thing I wish I could do, if I weren’t so slow at drawing, is you know those rotating images on the front page? I thought it’d be cool to have some images from his work, but draw them instead of using screenshots. Who am I kidding, I’m too slow. It’s a nice wish-list item, however. You never know. I might manage it. Just not anytime soon.

In the meantime I’m almost done watching The Adventures of Merlin on Tubi (a few Game of Thrones actors turn up in that, by the way, including the guy who played Davos Seaworth, and he sends off a message by raven which made me smile), so after that I might try The Book Group again. In my not-so-humble opinion that show really is Rory McCann at his best. Rocking that young Sean Connery look, fucking beautiful voice, and even his character’s quite likable. It adds that certain… something… knowing the character’s based on him. Know what I mean? Yeah, you know what I mean. Shaddup. Anyway, I had started TBG when I was still down in Louisiana but with Senior Chief Grumblepants judging me every time I stayed up even a little bit late, I kind of let it fall by the wayside. I don’t have that problem now. Let loose the Watchers of Rory. Or this one, anyway.

I do kind of miss posting up my screenshots with my award-winning (not) smartass commentary. It occurs to me I could just do that here, as blog posts. That’d have to be a lot more interesting than tales of the colossal failures in my personal life. I think it’d be, anyway. Curious to see whether I’d produce better screenshots of TBG now that I have the proper DVDs. Previously it’d all come from Tubi. I even have a dedicated UK-specific DVD player now. HA.

And since I love you all, or at least the big man, let’s add a photo to this post for once.

Rory McCann at Jumanji premiere, 2019

OMG HE IS VELVETY AND CUDDLY AND I WANNA HUG HIM AND PET HIM AND [record scratch] wait a minute isn’t this supposed to be a family-friendly site? Uh. Never mind.

Administrivia: 18 September 2022

I haven’t had a fever since Wednesday the 14th, so yesterday was my first day back at delivering, though I masked up (KN95) when outside my car and covered my deliveries with a blanket when in it. Am pleased with how things went. Will repeat the way I did it later today (it’s almost 1am). I even got laundry done when I was done delivering because the laundromat next door to my daughter’s old martial-arts school is open 24 hours a day and is on the way back to my room from Dublin so it was the one place I knew I could go that wouldn’t be scary. Or not very scary, anyway — there’s a bar nearby that’s open late. Nothing happened though. It was nice and quiet.

It’s been almost a year since I pulled up stakes. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never second-guessed myself in the past year, and stupid hurtful shit is still going on, but the way I physically feel now versus a year ago is what I would call massive improvement and I literally got COVID a week ago. That’s sad, is what that is.

I got this Google alert and clicked on it after I got back here to see what it was about and, well, it’s some clickbait site, not even a proper blog, announcing Game of Thrones season nine.



Seriously though, if you read the actual text of the post it’s basically the same few phrases about who was in the show and who made it, copied and pasted over and over again. That’s why it triggered my Rory search — he’s one of the actors it mentions.

Just when I think I’ve really let this site suck, someone hands me a present like this.

Thanks, Whoever You Are. Also, set your website on fire and never speak of it again.

Administrivia: 15 September 2022

From two days ago, the internet tells me Transformers: Earthspark, in which Rory McCann plays Megatron, will be premiering 11 November. This is on one of those streaming services I don’t subscribe to (I don’t subscribe to any at this point, in fact — I just use Tubi, for free), so I suppose I’ll keep an eye out and see if it goes to DVD for collection purposes. If not, at some point I’ll investigate other options. Potayto, potahto. Just happy the big man’s got some more work out there.

Nothing else going on particularly earth-shattering unless someone’s posted him to Instagram again, and you all would know that better than I would. I chronicle, I do not scoop.

(Not even kitty litter, these days. Don’t miss it a bit.)

Update to previous litany of woes: my senses of smell and taste went kaput yesterday. They are not entirely gone; I can still smell my instant-coffee crystals (don’t judge; I’m very low budget at the moment, and it’s very cheap caffeine), but not the entire bouquet, as it were. It’s like 2/3rds of the scent-notes are missing. I can still taste some things, too, but it’s like someone turned the volume way down. I understand this effect can take up to six months to go away. I am underwhelmed.

But! My temperature’s been normal all day, and I have had an excellent excuse (and some grudgingly welcome help) to fuck off all week, other than working on things for class (I may have mentioned the call-center training I’m doing; if not, this is me mentioning it), so I’m guardedly optimistic. I’ll test tomorrow at some point and see how things are going.

But if any of you were wondering whether you’d be able to tell about the smell/taste thing? Yes, you can definitely tell. And no, you don’t necessarily get it right away at first onset of symptoms, so don’t think you’re off the hook if you catch what seems like a cold but can still smell things. Test anyway. Play it safe.

Yes, I also wonder if the big man ever caught this. I’m betting probably. It’s hard to miss it anymore, as many people have caught it and as crowded as we all are now. But even with his particular set of personal habits he’s led a healthier lifestyle than I have, so if he did catch it I’m not surprised he came out of it relatively unscathed.

Or possibly not and that might explain his sudden pivot into mostly voice work? You never know. Easier to take breaks when exhausted, maybe.

Oh well. It’s hard to emotionally attach to possibilities when I have no idea what’s going on with him. We’ll hear about it one of these days, or we won’t. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t squee like a little kid if anyone ever hired me to be his official biographer.

Only don’t do that, ’cause I’m not a very good writer.

Moving on now. Stuff to do. Might even tweak a few things here in the next little bit. You Just Never Know. (Dun-dun-DUUUNNNNN…)

Administrivia: 13 September 2022

This has been an INTERESTING week.

Saturday, about halfway through the day, I started feeling feverish and occasionally would cough. It wasn’t a severe feeling and the cough wasn’t bad or frequent and, well, fall is well nigh upon us and I had just switched allergy meds (I cycle through the three major ones so as to not get too habituated to any one of them) so I thought, Oh, it’s breakthrough allergy shit, and went on with my day. Came back to my room that night, took my temp to be sure, nada. Normal.

Sunday, the feeling got worse as the day progressed and the cough got a little more frequent. About halfway through, just when I was really getting going (I had minimal contact with people, thank goodness), I started feeling tired, too, and all I could think about was going to bed and hiding under the covers. The last trip I made that day was pretty extensive, too — took me about 20-30 minutes out and the same amount of time back. You wouldn’t believe how far out some of these people are who make orders. It’s nuts. Anyway I got back to Dublin (a township/suburb in the Columbus metro area) and stopped by a store and picked up a few things, and also a COVID test. Because I really couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Got back to my room and sure enough I was showing a slight temp but more importantly, I felt like shit and really needed to go to bed.

Monster migraine Sunday night. Fucker must have lasted me a good (bad) 12-14 hours going by when I went to bed and how long I hurt after I got up.

After I’d been up a while Monday and gotten myself somewhat sorted (and was still showing a temp), I finally tested myself.

About ten seconds in, the T line showed up, and only got darker from there. I told myself it’d be a miracle if it was gone at the 15-minute mark.

I was right.

oh shit

I did get myself vaccinated last year, both doses. Never got around to boosting, which means my risk of winding up in the ICU is only around 60% reduced, not 80-something percent reduced, but it’s still a pretty good reduction. So far, I don’t feel terrible. It is a lot like having a cold, except my nose isn’t stuffy or runny and I don’t have crap way down at the bottom of my lungs like sometimes I can get with colds. Also, I can still taste and smell. All these things tell me I probably picked up the Omicron variant, which doesn’t go as far down the lungs and doesn’t seem to cause as many sensory issues. And it’s milder, so that’s good too.

I’ve been taking this call-center training class at the community college and had to email the instructor and tell her why I’m not coming in for either class this week. She’s totally cool about it and is keeping me updated on what to read along with the class so I don’t fall behind. (It’s really not a difficult class so far.) I also now have the link to take their little typing-training thing, which I really don’t need but I do need documentation that I don’t need it, so it’s play along for now. I’m banished from the campus until the 17th, assuming I follow the usual trajectory and start showing negative before then and don’t get any worse, and they still want me masked when I do show back up. Fine by me. I’ve got some KN95s on the way from Amazon. I’ll be all set.

(By the way, Amazon are lying fucking liars about their “same-day delivery” bullshit. Then again, they always lie about delivery times. Oh, they’ll tell you “overnight” or “one day” or “two days” but what they really mean is that time frame after they have actually shipped, and they can ship any old damn time they like. I’m still mooching off my daughter’s dad’s Prime account — which doesn’t cost him any extra and I’ll take decent help where I can get it — or I’d be angrier. At this point, rate they’re going, though, I may never pay for Prime. Long story short, what I ordered was supposed to be overnight, and all three items met the criteria, and the total for the order was nearly twice their required minimum, and it STILL won’t get here ’til tomorrow. Tell me how this makes sense, like I’m fucking five.)

I had been about $50 away from my goal for the week and needed to tell my daughter’s dad what was up anyway in case I took a turn for the worse, so he goes, “do you need money?” and I said “$55 would be nice” because I knew he’d PayPal it and I lost my card and can’t travel to move money around anyway so I had to account for the instant-transfer fee. He sent me $300. All righty then. So that’ll be my car insurance paid up and a little bit of food money, and then probably this weekend I can deliver masked if the fever’s gone. If not, maybe we’ll revisit the whole thing. I dunno. The way he’s behaved for almost a year now I don’t believe he gives a shit about me one way or the other, and I don’t care at this point anyway, but he just found out he was exposed and he’s now having symptoms too, so maybe this is all just hitting a bit too close to home for him. That’s usually what it takes with this sort of person, I find. It is what it is.

I also find medication knocks down my fever easily and when it comes back, it’s low. The cough is annoying but not unmanageable; it doesn’t hurt and it’s not constant. Nothing else is really going on except sometimes I lose my appetite and I’m not a terribly energetic person at the best of times, but am less so this week. It is, in my case, basically like having a cold when you’re not young anymore. Hopefully it stays this mild. I hear it started out mild in lots of people who got serious later. But everything about getting on an antiviral would have cost me money I didn’t have, and I’m in a weird place in my life that does not let me be on the ACA easily. Even if I could, I can’t trust my daughter’s dad to get me my mail for when my health cards come in, or I’d have tried already. (One of the things I mean when I talk about how he’s behaved this past year. But it wasn’t a huge change in his character in the first place. Oh, whatever, I’ve droned on long enough about this already.)

Sooooo it’s basically do what I always do and white-knuckle it and hope for the best.

And knock on my head for luck.

A postscript: They estimated that 60% or more of Original COVID and Delta variant carriers have been asymptomatic and that the percentage may be even higher for Omicron. This is why we had mask mandates and this is why it all keeps spreading around so much. I probably got this from some asshole who thought he was Just Fine. Everyone’s been going around blaming the infected.

“You’re fat”
“You’re diabetic”
“You’re old”
“You don’t take care of yourself”

None of these conditions cause COVID by themselves. The virus still must be introduced. If you’ve been introducing it, folks? You’re not the good guys.

The end.

Administrivia: 10 September 2022

I suppose no one who follows this blog has been living under a rock, therefore everyone is aware of the recent major news coming out of the United Kingdom, right?

I have no dog in the fight insofar as how anyone might feel one way or the other about the British monarchy. I will just say it would be really ironic (is that the right word?) if Scotland finally gained its independence during the current sovereign’s reign, considering. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google “Bonnie Prince Charlie.”

Also, the Stuart family still exists in exile. Nothing will come of it, of course, but it’s interesting to think about.

(Actually, if Scotland did go independent, the chances that they would have a monarchy again are slim to none. Just saying.)

If you’re me and you like to wonder about Rory McCann’s opinions on various topics, you tend to wonder what he thinks of this latest development. I will be surprised if we ever find out. He used to be a bit more outspoken than he is now, yes, but I suspect these days he’d rather not have to eat his words. Also, I think that his managing his image to fine-tune people’s opinions of him would be thankless, boring work for him, and something he’d rather not be doing because it cuts into actually fun things like hillwalking and would interfere with his acting work. If he were inclined in that direction we’d have seen it already. His silence says more than words ever could.

But I rather suspect, if he expressed an opinion on current developments, it would go something like this:

…Or I’m making a tasteless joke to mark the occasion and Rory’s actually sad to see the Queen go and reserving judgment on King Charles until some time has passed, because Rory isn’t necessarily Sandor most of the time, much as he identified with the character when he was still playing him. I have heard of exactly one person who thought Rory was an asshole when she met him, but given the context I suspect she got a bit too much into his personal space when he was trying to enjoy dinner out and he got grumpy about it, and that assumes she didn’t just misinterpret his mood or something — this does happen to people. (Happens to me too, I was startled one day to learn that people didn’t like to approach me because of my resting bitch face.) Everyone else I’ve run across who’s met him and had something to say about it, though, has had nothing but praise. And he just has this vibe as kind of a sweet guy in interviews. So he could just be marking the occasion with proper decorum along with everyone else. Who knows.

We know he likes castles, though. Wonder if he still wants one. (Wonder if he now HAS one.)

No news otherwise about the big man. The few media outlets — and I use that term loosely because most of them are clickbait sites — that bother trying to keep up with him have given up on seeing anything new and just repeat the same listicles over and over again. I still feel very avoidant about looking him up on Instagram, where at least occasionally a fan will upload evidence of a recent encounter, because I got tired of all the silly uninformed conversations that would result. I swear I’m not a snob, it’s just people repeat the same old disproven or unproven (two different things) nonsense over and over again or they will make an uneducated guess based on something already disproven… it’s not that important, I know, but I’m a big-mouth know-it-all and if I even see those conversations I’ll get sucked in. So I don’t look.

I also have to admit I’m a teensy bit afraid that one of these days someone will catch him with a girlfriend or wife after all. You like to see the big man happy, yes. But part of you also thinks how much fun it’d be to run into him somewhere someday without risking drama, y’know? Or you do if you’re me, anyway. Yes, I’m pathetic. Shaddup.

Okay. I need to get to bed soon. I had had things worked out with earning for my room every week, but I have had to shift things a bit. I got wind of a special class I can take for free at the community college downtown which may improve my employment prospects quite a bit, and I’ve been to two sessions already. That takes up two days a week. I had been contemplating the merits of possibly taking two days off a week anyway, but it means I have to earn a little bit more per day than I had been getting away with previously. I’m not allergic to work, I just don’t like the wear and tear on my car which I usually can’t afford to fix (only minor stuff, and even then it completely stresses me out), so squeaking by was better than pushing too hard. Eh, so I’m rebalancing again. It’s only until 6 October, anyway — that’s the last class session. Then we’ll see. I hope for nothing. This has been a strange year.