Administrivia: 28 September 2021

Have not set up internet at the house yet, though am zeroing in on a strong possibility of a solution. Am a mite irritated as I’d thought we could get DSL out here (I need to look a little harder at that, but it did not pop up easily in search results when I was searching up possibilities in a general sense, not a good sign) and it’s looking like I may be stuck with one of the new wifi-based providers instead, but we’ll see how that all falls out.

Phone data access is intermittent and I usually have to be on the back porch for it, and even then it’s hit and miss and my other option is going into town, which most days I don’t do.

It’s nice to be home, though, and to have some breathing room, and to be getting some decent sleep for once.

Meanwhile! All my drama with the internet thing meant I knew about this a few days ago but hadn’t gotten around to posting about it yet: Rory has a new B&O ad out.

I had been hoping he’d get more voice work, but I can’t help cracking a smile at this latest trend in his career. Rory McCann is basically, like, the least domesticated man I know of and this makes him look like he’s gone all homebody. It’s not totally out of character. He’s a woodworker, he builds and renovates things sometimes. But it still hits me a little funny.

Speaking of funny. I have one room in Dad’s little place. Previously in Ohio I had had Rory’s autographed pic set up on its own shelf across my bedroom. Here, before I set up a shelf, it had taken up residence on my bedside table. It is a straight line of sight from the kitchen all the way down the hall into my bedroom and there’s my bedside table, and sometimes I left the lamp on. So Dad wanted to know who the man was and why there was a note addressed to me. He’s not into fantasy TV and there are scenes in GOT I wouldn’t watch with him in the room in any case… but I’m thinking about trying Slow West on him, as he likes Westerns. That should be interesting.

Okay. Sorry I can’t be more fascinating right now. We’ll see if I can do some more stuff with the site soon. I can think of something that shouldn’t be too onerous and can mostly be prepped offline. Good times.

Administrivia: 26 March 2021

I am kind of beside myself today. This is my firstborn’s birthday, and I’m not gonna get into all that here because this is not my personal blog, but let’s just say he’s the same age this year as I was when I left his father — 25, holy shit — and I felt old that year. (1999 was a fucking horrible year. Then 2004 surpassed it… I thought. Then came 2020.) It is not often something really cool happens on his birthday, but in ’05 Doctor Who returned to the airwaves, which I didn’t fully appreciate until five years later, and now today we’ve had TWO new things from Rory, and although I’m not the one who’s supposed to be getting the presents, in some cultures the mom does get the fucking presents so I’mma take what the universe gives me with a great big shit-eating grin.

You already saw Rory’s new ad in the previous post. If you didn’t, get yer buttocks on over there and look.

Back yet? Cool.

Okay. If you followed me on Facebook (RIP), you know what I do when I get screenshots. I put just about all the fuckers up complete with fun commentary. Part of me wants to do that here, but also, I had another all-nighter last night, and I’m fucking knackered. (I love that word.) ALSO, jury’s still out on whether I will do a screenshots section on this website; I still have the page up but I’m not 100% wedded to any solution just yet. BUT, I will have screenshots here in a dedicated space regardless. I just need to decide WHERE and how I will nest the pages before I go taking on that HUGE FUCKING PROJECT, which it will be, trust me, but I’m not ready just yet.

BUT! I can put up some of my favorites for you. You’d like that, right?

I can’t fuckin’ hear you!



Okay. Here we go. And let me enlighten you on the realities of screencapping Netflix. To wit, unless you’re using their DVDs, you can’t do it. The service itself has some kind of built-in code to keep you from getting any still shots off their programming. Fuckers. Happily, there are plugins you can add to Chrome and, I guess, maybe to Firefox, but I fucking hate Firefox except as an alternative READING browser so never mind. So I got around that little problem.

I apologize that these will be dark. These are RAW screenshots, and I’ve not edited them. Also, click on the pic to see it bigger. This should also work on a phone, but you’d really rather do it on something with a bigger screen. Trust me.

This episode of The Irregulars is called “An Unkindness in London,” which you will eventually find has a double meaning. I’m not gonna get into much of what’s happening in the plot because the screencaps won’t make it obvious and I don’t want to spoil everything.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

This is not the first pic I got of Rory, but it’s the first one where you can clearly see the costume. Already knowing the name of his role, and given the height of the guy in the costume, I figured this had to be him.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

I can never pass up those beautiful hands, given a chance. And we’ll see them again later. Yay!

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

First shot of Rory’s face.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

…I might have this one as a Facebook cover photo. Somewhere.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"


(Fun fact, for the five of you who didn’t know: Rory hates horror films, and particularly jump scares. Hides his face behind his hands to get through them [me too, big man… me too]. Says he doesn’t mind acting in them, however. This isn’t a horror film, but it’s got horrific elements in it. I bet he had fun with it though.)

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

No Roryface, but a good look at the plague-doctor mask he’s wearing in one character’s visions. (Spoilers… watch the danged episode.)

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

Turns out the Bird Master is a bird scientist named Arthur. He should get together with the Moth Man named Arthur and have a killer time.

No? Fell flat? Hey, I’m dead on my feet. Whaddya want?

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

There are two unusual-for-Rory aspects of this role. This is the first one: Rory’s playing a character with supernatural powers. Arthur’s calling every fucking bird in the fucking city to do… something. Spoilers.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

Someone else in the show has supernatural powers, and those have kicked in now. Arthur is bewildered.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

One thing among MANY that fascinates me about Rory McCann is how much his face can change from role to role even before they put the (any) makeup on. I’ve been taking screencaps of him for two damn years next month and seen his range. I swear he’s half chameleon. (Awfully cuddly for a chameleon, but never mind.) Although here he reminds me a bit of McNess in Solomon Kane which — if you decide to watch it — he only appears in for like the last half-hour or so of the movie, damn it.

But this is Arthur before The Bad Thing happened. Which I will not elaborate on because watch the fucking episode.

Oh and, did you notice? Two Rories in one photo. SIGH.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

I can’t really joke here because the episode isn’t funny (mostly… there are a couple moments) anyway, and then from here on in it’s not funny at all. Typically the productions Rory is in don’t give him much of a shot at emotional range. I’ve seen tears in his eyes for a role… hm… twice, if he had tears in his eyes for Alexander? The other time in Jack ‘n’ Jill (yes, I saw it, Rory… several times in fact) after Jack is shot and in a lot of pain. Nothing like this. Not Arthur’s absolute heartbreak.

This isn’t even the worst of it.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

…No, this isn’t the worst of it either.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

Some flashback of where Arthur got his bird powers from, which I didn’t wholly understand because I didn’t have the captions on. (I’m not deaf or technically hard of hearing but I have trouble parsing sometimes.) I’m sure when I watch it again with them on I’ll clue in. Obviously this is some sort of talking board. I just am not sure who Arthur was talking to.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

I said we would see beautiful hands again later. Here are beautiful hands again. SIGH. I know. Inappropriate.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

And some kind of power’s going into Arthur… well, the bird power, obviously. Neat visual here.

(OMG HIS EYELASHES. I STILL can’t get over his eyelashes. SIGH.)

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

See, I said those other shots weren’t the worst of it. This is just heartbreaking.

Anybody ever makes Rory cry like this for real, I’m personally kicking your ass.

Rory McCann in The Irregulars, s01e01, "An Unkindness in London"

And last shot of him. Arthur has just lost it now.

Okay. That’s all I’m putting up for this post. I have at least four times the number of caps that I actually put here. I may not even put all of them up in a screenshot section later, but I will put more than I did here.

Also, I’m finishing at eight minutes after midnight my time but shh. Doesn’t matter. Let’s pretend I got it all done on Friday night instead of Saturday morning. *click*

P.S. He never said “Little Bird” even once. I am not surprised, but I was half expecting it.

New B&Q ad!!!

Well, I probably won’t screenshot every single Google Alert I get about Rory. But I am TREMENDOUSLY! HAPPY! with the one I got today!

NEW B&Q AD! I love Rory McCann’s voice! YAY!!!!!

…I gotta say it’s kinda funny to hear him talking about planting stuff, what with his having wanderlust so often. My dude would never keep a garden going, it’d all be back to weeds by the time he returned.

That’s OK. You should see my poor spearmint and I don’t run around.


and SPEAKING OF new from Rory… see next post!

(It’ll take a while! There will be screencaps! Lovely screencaps! I LOVE RORY SCREENCAPS!)

Just adding this to say…

Kid was looking over Instagram, I think, and remarked to me a little while ago: “Huh. Jack Black shaved his beard.”

End of an era, I thought, because Black’s beard has truly become a thing of wonder over the course of the pandemic.

And then it hit me.

“A-ha!” I cried. “I bet they’re filming the new Jumanji!” He’s got facial hair in that, but not nearly as much. Like, he’d get to about that long in a week or two, three at the outside. So if they ARE filming it, while they wouldn’t be filming it right NOW, they will be soon.

If I’m right, it won’t be long ’til Rory goes back to work too. If you see any fans sharing recent pics of him on Instagram and he’s got Glorious Beard going on like at the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere in New York City two years ago, that’ll make it even more likely.

Fucking love that beard. Wanna scritch it. Sigh.

More info on Rory’s next appearance

So, I spend entirely too much time on Twitter. Not as the account for this site, said account long since having been nuked. Never mind what account it is, point is someone started following me who had “Clegane” in her name, which I found hilarious (I do mention Rory occasionally on my account, and that’s probably what she saw) and, on the off chance her following me was topical to what I use that account for, I went and looked her over. Saw a retweet from someone who was laughing about the role Rory will be playing in The Irregulars.

No wait, no seriously, this is fucking great. I went over to IMDB and…

The Bird Master

I SWEAR TO FUCK, if he says “Little Bird” even once I may just piss myself laughing. YOU HEAR ME, BIG MAN? [shakes fist ineffectually at monitor]

The EXTRA-good news is that, as you can see, he’ll be in the very FIRST episode. I’m sorry it won’t be more, but at least I won’t have to twiddle my thumbs through two or three episodes before he finally fucking shows up. So if the show’s not my thing, no big deal and if it IS good, well, I’ll know right away AND get to see him.

I just do not see enough of our dude. The end.