Administrivia: 05 April 2022

WTF? I’m updating again? YES, I AM.

Rory has a new voiceover ad spot out! Beer ad, looks like.

Ever notice Rory’s ad jobs are often connected with his personality and/or interests in some form or fashion? This one’s not only about beer but is also heavy on the humorous irony. I have the strangest feeling that along with English, Egg Language, and possibly Icelandic, my dude is quite fluent in irony and sarcasm. I dunno. Just a notion.

Okay. It’s 1am. Off to bed for me.

Administrivia: 01 February 2022

[looks at dates on recent posts]


Um… ahem… I need to edit some stuff. The blog posts will still be there, but they will have different URLs because I’m changing the year to be correct.

How many of you are old enough to remember writing checks? Remember how you used to forget to change to the new year when writing checks in January? Right. I basically did that here, but with blog post titles. FUCK.

The only way this matters is if anyone linked to any of those posts anywhere. The links will now be broken. Sorry about that.


I’m back in Ohio. Only just arrived tonight (it’s almost 9pm my time as I write this), could be more thrilled with the accommodation, but I should be getting into better digs tomorrow if everything goes well, so it’s all good. Hopefully well ahead of the shit weather we’re supposed to be getting, or at least ahead enough that I won’t be much more than cold as I’m moving things out of my car.

I went through something a lot like this in 1999, and am annoyed that I’m going through it again. Some aspects of the situation are worse than before, some are better, and hopefully it will all balance out. I am also not as big of a dumbass as I was at age 25. That will surely help.


For some reason, entertainment media in Scotland have decided to recycle the Rory-as-Scott’s-Porage-Oats-Man story they did back in ’19 like “ha ha, remember when the Hound had ladies looking up his kilt?” Rory’s got a new voice-acting job, so I guess that’s what inspired them? So right now my Google Alerts are 2/3rds Porage Oats Man and 1/3 “Rory has a new acting job.” Okay, uh, thanks?

But hey, Rory, if you ever read this thing, I’m not saying I mind you in a kilt or, uh, anything. Ahem.

Okay. I have some plans to draw up and shit to do. Like, well, editing those fucking blog posts. Grr.

Administrivia: 21 January 2022

Looks like Rory has a new voice-acting gig. I don’t know squat about Vox Machina, but I think we can all agree Rory should get lots of voice work.

Mmmmm. Rory voice…



In other news, I see the site is still up. Don’t get too comfortable. The financial weirdness I mentioned in the previous post has sorted itself out. I had bought gas (petrol) several days ago and the transaction had gone through and then, strangely, it disappeared. So it really was a toss-up which transaction would go (back) through first. The gas did, thank Glob (that would have been interesting to deal with), but it’ll mean we have a brief outage here.

I can’t wait til this isn’t a problem anymore. Sooner rather than later, I hope.

Anyway. There you go. Rory news! ❤

More on DCI Daley

A major Scottish paper has now reported on Rory’s new show here. I am mostly sharing it as a kind of bookmark for myself as it’s ideal for the Articles section here.

I had a thought the other day, too. There’s potential for a love scene or three; Jim Daley is a married man, if often unhappily. Wonder what Rory will think of that. For all that he used to say it was brilliant (his exact word) to get paid to hang around in bed with beautiful women, I’ve seen some of his on-camera romantic interludes. My dude is a shy boy. ❤ Could be they’ll give those a miss — they weren’t detailed in the first book and I have no reason to believe Meyrick changed his approach to love scenes later — but we’ll see, won’t we?

(We will not discuss what my reaction to a Jim Daley love scene might or might not be after what I went through screencapping The Crew, and I don’t mean THAT scene, either.)

Good times. Okay. Gotta go. Stuff to do.

Administrivia: 11 November 2021




Okay. Back story. When I had the Facebook page, one of my regular commenters mentioned a DCI Daley book series whose author wanted Rory McCann to be his star character if the books were ever optioned for TV.

I had no fuckin’ idea who DCI Daley was, so I exercised my Google Fu. Found the author, Denzil Meyrick, on Facebook and he’d written two or three posts about it, easily found because he illustrated them with Rory photos.

What seems to have happened was the magic of social media (and one reason I never abandon it entirely): he was having a conversation with his fans about who should play Daley, he came back with Rory as an answer, and it turned out someone in the comments either knew Rory or had contacts who did. Meyrick asked them to pass along his email address.

Next thing you know, Rory’s reading the books (of course ❤) and emails Meyrick saying he’d love to take the role.

But that was some years back, and by the time I heard about all this, there really wasn’t any talk about it anymore, at least not out in the open.

Until today, when I saw my phone notifications.

[bounces around like a little kid on candy]

Proud of ya, big man! I know you don’t know me from Eve. That’s okay. (Sort of.) I just know this was something you wanted. YEAH!!!

…Of course, I won’t be able to see it for a good while. Sniff. 🥺

P.S. I’ve read Whiskey in Small Glasses. Been saying I need to start on the rest. Now I really do!