Administrivia: 21 February 2024

Howdy-do. Not much going on, just limping along here.

I’ve been getting a ton of Google Alerts about Rory’s role in that new Knuckles series. I kept forgetting to open them up when I was at my friend’s house. I’m there now, so here you go:

Rory McCann in the Knuckles TV series

I mean, we’ve all been through this before. You already saw him in a shot like this on Instagram. I get it. MEH.

That answers my question, too. I wondered whether he was going to be doing voice work or live acting. Now I know. But, given his general pattern in the last five years, now I have another question. What’s up with all the kid stuff? I am not against this. I think it’s great. Shows his versatility. But is there a reason?

Before y’all start gossiping (who am I kidding; you already were), let’s just remember he’s never publicly said he didn’t want kids at all. He only said that the specific situation he was in when people asked him about that was not conducive to having a family. His situation is different now, so anything’s possible. He had also said he wasn’t sure about marriage since getting a mortgage wasn’t compatible with the transient life he used to live, and look what happened there. Apparently someone explained to him that married people don’t actually have to have mortgages. (Love ya, big man.) If his wife’s young enough he may actually have gone in for the whole fatherhood gig too. I will tell you what: He looks young for his age and if you look young for your age without plastic surgery or other cosmetic enhancement, often (yes, not always) you’re in good physical health too. It’s got to be all the outdoor activity. I have no doubt he’s up for chasing a toddler around if he does decide that’s something he wants to do.

“But I’ve heard nothing” Who’s his wife? Right. Exactly. He still hasn’t gone on record in any interview that I’ve seen about even being married. If he has kids it’d be a better-guarded state secret than the goddamn nuclear launch codes. Bet on it.

But even if that’s not a factor, he’s still got nephews and at least one niece. Probably they get a kick out of all the kid-show stuff. I would, if I had an uncle like that. I’d be bragging to all my friends at school.

Okay, well. Sorry for the long silence. I’ve actually been on the internet at my friend’s house with my laptop several times since the last entry here, I just didn’t get around to posting anything. I tell you what though, if you want to be a fansite administrator and you aren’t good at keeping up with lots of news, Rory’s a good actor to follow. Worked out great.

That sounds snarky. I didn’t mean it that way. Sorry.

I will try to update a little more often. Assuming there’s actually anything to update about.