Administrivia: 09 November 2023

I haven’t updated this thing in a while but I had a bit of a chuckle for you, seeing as how the United States just went back to Standard Time.

So, those of you who’ve been around for a while may or may not have been aware that I usually get my daily Google Alert for Rory around 8pm. That’s not a sure thing; sometimes I get it hours later than that. But 8pm has been the usual time.

Phone just went off. I noticed it was 7pm on the dot and thought, I bet that’s the Google Alert, and picked up the phone and went into my Gmail and sure enough. And then it struck me funny that it should be an hour early. And then I remembered why.

You would think a media behemoth like Google would remember to set its clocks back one hour. Apparently… not.

Oh well. Like I said, good for a chuckle.

P.S. The Alert was garbage, as usual. I am always pleasantly surprised when it’s got something useful, because that rarely happens.