Rory McCann Sandor Clegane audition

SOURCE: Probably HBO, probably a Game of Thrones DVD extra
AUTHOR: See above
DATE: Unknown
UPLOADED: 07 March 2012
ORIGINAL: Click here for probably unauthorized YouTube upload.
ARCHIVE: Internet Archive does not play nicely with YouTube. Sad face.
NOTE: Rory tells the story behind his performance in this audition at the end of this Rolling Stone interview.

Warning: Either have excellent ass-sphincter control or wear a diaper if you have never seen this before. I shit you not. Pun definitely intended. Do not try to contact me through Instagram or Facebook crying ’cause you crapped your pants. That’s on you. I warned you.

Also, remind me to never seriously piss Rory off. (Rather not at all, but if I knew him in everyday life, sometimes we just annoy people. Shit happens. Even when you’re not watching a Rory McCann audition for the Sandor Clegane role.)



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