Rory McCann’s love life

It has long been assumed, by both the fandom and the media, that Rory McCann was shaping up to be a perpetual bachelor.

This was not always the case. We know from articles published much earlier in Rory’s career that he had a long-term girlfriend named Hazel, a doctor. Evidence, which you will find on the articles page, indicates they were likely over with by the end of 2005. We also know that for a long time afterward, Rory was at least looking. He was even a good sport and let People make a cute video about it. That was 2014, so we know he was at least claiming to be single then. And looking. “Always looking,” he said.

In 2019 he took a trip to Norway with a guy friend from the marina where he docks, and we have photo evidence that he invited two fans aboard his boat for drinks. His relationship status was unknown at that point.

In late 2020 he was spotted in two different venues in Portugal; we’re pretty sure he attended a football (soccer) game or at least met a team, and we know he visited at least one restaurant. We know about the latter particularly because the owner posted pics on Instagram and mentioned he’d seen Rory’s wife too.

…Do what?

I didn’t hear about this for a few months afterward, well into 2021, because the owner of a major fandom account at Instagram and I had a tiff back in ’19 and she blocked me, so I’ve pretty much never been up on the latest gossip. By the time I got around to seeing the drama, the restaurant owner had turned off comments. Soon after, he deleted his account.

(Way to go, “fans.”)

I thought then that the math didn’t make sense. If he was single in ’19 for his trip to Norway and then had a wife over a year later, there were a few possible ways that could have happened without him misbehaving, but one of them involved him being really impulsive and that just didn’t make sense to me. I mean, yes, he’s given to impulsive behavior sometimes, but as long as he’d been “looking” for Mrs. Hound, I would have thought he’d have been more discerning in his choice of partner.

I dunno, that was just my thought. It has no bearing on reality, of course, because I don’t know him.

Anyway, so in January of 2023 he was sighted at two different pubs in northeast England. I was delighted to see he’d been spotted in public again, so went around chasing links and reading posts to see if anyone had any good stories. And then I noticed one person who’d posted about it had included an Instagram tag that wasn’t his, by mistake. So I commented to let them know that while he does have an Instagram, they had put up the wrong tag.

The person DMed me directly through Facebook to thank me for the info, and… then dropped the bomb in my lap. Said that Rory had told them he had an account but that he didn’t mess about with that technical stuff, so his wife had set it up for him.


To me, this was much better evidence than “I saw Rory McCann’s wife,” which was all I’d heard up to that point. It is very easy to mistake an apparently unrelated woman accompanying a man as being the man’s wife, especially if she appears younger or closer in age. That used to happen to me a lot when I’d go places with my daughter’s father, who I’ve never married. It got easier to just let people assume than to constantly correct them. So for all I knew, that was Rory’s situation. But after this conversation I reasoned that if he was saying the words “my wife,” well, there you fucking go.

I got no more information than that — I did reply, but not to ask about Mrs. McCann, and got an automated message back. Haven’t heard from the person since. I don’t know if there was some conversation behind the scenes (“You told her WHAT? We weren’t supposed to say!”, maybe?) and then the person went “oh shit” and decided not to engage me further, or whether they just got busy and forgot, or what. And I will not be prying. Marital status is public information, and should be (prevents bigamy and incest), but that doesn’t mean I’m entitled to their entire goddamn life story. I’ve made a point of compiling information here that is available PUBLICLY, because that’s information Rory voluntarily shared. He didn’t share this but, had he been married anywhere in the United Kingdom, that would be public record and someone would have found it by now. So, six of one, half-dozen of the other. If Rory wants us to know any more than whether he is, which now we do, he can tell us himself. I’ll not be digging.

My personal theory is he possibly got married in Portugal. I get the feeling from more than three years’ worth of following Scottish pages on Facebook that Scots really like to vacation in Portugal for some reason, so why not. That restaurant owner could have seen him and the Mrs. on their honeymoon. Late in the year for it (that was in October 2020, I believe), but they’d just started lifting travel restrictions from the pandemic, so being late in the year makes sense in that context.

But we’ll see if Rory ever talks about it. Meanwhile, I hope things are going well for them. I won’t pretend I’m not a little heartbroken, but face it, he’s probably got thousands of fangirls panting after him and he can’t marry us all. Right? Right.

So congratulations, Mrs. McCann. If I’m right about him, you got you a good’un. 💙🤍💚


[Last updated: 12 January 2023]

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