Um… Hi.

[27 May 2021] I figure down in the corner, out of the way, is the best place to put this. Because this is my site, but it isn’t MY site, dig?

So… Hi! Obviously, I am the miscreant behind this site.

How I became a Rory McCann fan is a story that really ought to have its own page or else this one will be twice as long as it needs to be. Long story short, though I saw two things with Rory in before I started in on Game of Thrones sometime after “The Dragon and the Wolf” aired — yep, I’ll be late to my own funeral — I didn’t really notice Rory until late in 2018. I know I was collecting photos of him by the time my birthday rolled around the following January.

I started out putting together a friends-only Facebook album of Rory stuff because Facebook albums let you add article links as well as photos. Sometimes I would put photos up on my personal Instagram too, until I noticed those were getting far more engagement than my own stuff was. Then it became apparent people thought I had some sort of fan page going on, which wasn’t at all true. By that point I’d noticed that the best actual fan page I’d found was on Tumblr and hadn’t been updated in over a year by that point. I thought, “I should start something so I can get the fan drama off my own Instagram.” So I did. So here we are.

I wasn’t sure where I would go with the fan site, but it seems to be evolving into some sort of weird career scrapbook for Rory. Works for me.

But if you’re still on this particular page, you may be after something biographical about me. I guarantee it will be boring, but I figure if I am going to go digging around in Rory’s life story, I may as well put some of mine out here. Fair’s fair.

First off, that photo’s no longer recent. In the past few weeks (as of the above date) I finally got fed up with my hair, which had gotten considerably longer even than in that photo, and I can’t make it look good to save my life anyway because it has always been wild and now it’s also thinner, so I buzzed it all off down to about half an inch. This is not the first time I’ve gone this short, but it remains to be seen whether I ever let it get long again. So yeah, I look very different now. Not that I’m about to put my bare face on this site any time soon. A few of you who’ve followed me for a while probably know what I look like. It is nothing I brag about, believe me.

I grew up a Navy brat and later went into the Army myself (long since done). I’ve been to three countries, including the USA, and lived in about ten states. The last time I was outside the USA was 1981. I suppose I’m overdue for a wander. I’m a Southerner born and bred, but have lived in the Rust Belt longer than anywhere else. It’s okay, I guess. I like having real seasons.

My background is Cajun, meaning the French population of south Louisiana, and I would literally hear my grandparents speaking French to one another when I was home visiting growing up. I don’t speak it myself, I’m sad to say, but I keep telling myself one of these days I will learn it. I will say that while nails down a chalkboard do not bother me, French spoken badly definitely does. Anyway, Ancestry DNA told me some months after I’d started this site that I’m also apparently 13% Scottish. I expect that information to change as they acquire more data, but since my Acadian ancestors came from what is now Nova Scotia, some Scots ancestors would certainly be plausible. It will be fun trying to find out where exactly they’re from in Scotland.

Had three half-brothers and grew up with the paternal. One of my maternals has passed away (gun accident in 2010), the other two are still doing their thing. I’ve got two nephews and three nieces by blood, and a step-nephew and step-niece along with them.

Married once, that’s long over (1999, final in 2001). Had a son (1996) with him and a daughter (2004) with a later boyfriend. Son’s grown, daughter’s nearly so. Been single since ’06 or ’07, not feeling any particular urgency to change my status.

Have always been interested in religion, but not currently religious. Officially identify as a militant agnostic: I Don’t Know And You Don’t Either.

No particular career, never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, just trying to survive. Always seem to be followed around by artist types and writers for some reason. I don’t even fight it anymore.

Leftist in politics, but politically homeless because I swear everyone in Western civilization has lost their fucking minds. If they weren’t also insane, I’d probably vote Green.

Had my crazy couldn’t-hold-my-liquor stage when I was younger, drink a little bit recreationally now, no other recreational drug habits except caffeine. I take my reality neat, if occasionally hyper. I’ve been told I’m cute when I overdose on caffeine; it gives me the giggles. That’s happened maybe twice in my life. Don’t count on it happening again.

Cat person, not averse to dogs but inexperienced. (Much prefer larger dogs to smaller ones.) Animals in general seem to like or at least tolerate me, which I suppose is a good sign.

I tend toward nerdiness in general, and pretty much just do my own thing. I’m not witty in person (I have time to compose wittiness when I write, and still fail more often not) nor pretty nor possess any particular charisma, I’m just… me. Whatever that means.

And that’s about it.