The plot thickens

Do you remember me posting this from several days ago? I was going back through some recent stuff here and ran across it again.

“Oh,” says I. “I need to look into this, don’t I?”

Easily enough done. You type the exact sentences into Google, click Enter, and bazam. And so this came up.

Relevant quote:

Rory McCann took the Hound’s weapons to remember him by: “I’ve got his swords. Hanging up in my house, just above the door in case there’s any trouble. God help an unwanted visitor.” At present, McCann isn’t using them for anything in particular. “It’s not really looking good for the Hound at the moment,” he conceded. “So that’s why you grab the swords when you get the chance.”

And when was this posted? Oh… 26 July 2014. (Would have been probably around the time Arya left Sandor to die, hence Rory’s cryptic language.)

So, no. This is not a new development, and Rory didn’t get a house because he got married. That doesn’t mean he didn’t get married, though I outline here why I find that not terribly likely (only unlikely, not impossible), but if he did, he already had a house to take her home to, assuming he has not sold said house in the almost seven fucking years since this was posted.

But we know he was single that year, going on other evidence. And we know he was cited as docking in Ayrshire three years later. Could be he moved out of the house in that three years but who knows, really? Could he have been living in a house all that time but just using the boat when he wanted to travel somewhere coastal and have his own place to stay? You know, kind of like an aquatic RV (caravan). I’ve said before, I think (though it may not still be here), that living in a boat directly on the water (where else) in the middle of a Scottish winter can’t be all that warm, even with a peat fire.

Who knows. All I know is the info that blog shared recently wasn’t remotely up to date. I really wish people would stop doing this.

But! I have another article with Rory in it to add to the Articles page now. When I get around to it.