More than meets the eye?

Oh hey, I’m writing in this thing twice today! I just got a Google alert.

Who’s got a new voice acting job?

Big’s got a new voice acting job!

Specifically, Rory McCann gets to play this guy.

I gotta say, I was a little weirded out at the news because I had vague memories of the TV cartoon from childhood and I could have sworn Megatron had a higher, raspy voice. I was like, “Are they basing this off Movie Megatron?” because I haven’t seen the films.

Then I went and looked up TV Megatron and turns out I was misremembering. Yeah… I can see it.

Here is the announcement from San Diego Comic-Con. For those of you unfamiliar with the franchise, this is a BIG role, second only to Optimus Prime. Which, frankly, Rory could have pulled off very well, and I can’t really picture Alan Tudyk in the role but hey, we’ll see, won’t we? And Rory seems to prefer being bad guys. Or that’s how everyone wants to cast him. Same result, in the end.

The really really funny bit is that fan scuttlebutt had apparently previously held that maybe Rory would play this guy:

Sludge. Not only a Dinobot but the dumbest of the Dinobots. This is how you nerdboys see Rory, huh? Eat my chonky ass, nerdboys. 不不不不不

(and Noel Fielding? Really??? What the hell are you people smoking???)

Anyway. YAY! Moar acting work! I guess Rory took that suggestion to try voice acting absolutely to heart. It’s got to be a lot less taxing than the shit he was put through in Game of Thrones, though. No more eleventy billion pounds of armor and drinking nasty flat ginger beer! Also yay!

Still waiting to hear more about the DCI Daley role, though…