More on DCI Daley

A major Scottish paper has now reported on Rory’s new show here. I am mostly sharing it as a kind of bookmark for myself as it’s ideal for the Articles section here.

I had a thought the other day, too. There’s potential for a love scene or three; Jim Daley is a married man, if often unhappily. Wonder what Rory will think of that. For all that he used to say it was brilliant (his exact word) to get paid to hang around in bed with beautiful women, I’ve seen some of his on-camera romantic interludes. My dude is a shy boy. ❤ Could be they’ll give those a miss — they weren’t detailed in the first book and I have no reason to believe Meyrick changed his approach to love scenes later — but we’ll see, won’t we?

(We will not discuss what my reaction to a Jim Daley love scene might or might not be after what I went through screencapping The Crew, and I don’t mean THAT scene, either.)

Good times. Okay. Gotta go. Stuff to do.