[17 March 2021] I didn’t want to have umpty zillion pages at the bottom of the site so I’m putting the short info pieces here:


As you can see at the social media page, I no longer have any social media accounts for this site, so I have no policies for those anymore.

I don’t allow comments here because in my experience the makeup of typical blog commenters is about 40% sincere commenters, 50% spammers, and 10% drama queens. The sincere commenters frequently ask questions I had already answered somewhere. The other categories are self-explanatory. Let’s not.

Networking with other Rory fan sites

If I see something that stands out to me, I will likely link to it from the links page. I’m no longer doing social media for this site so am highly unlikely to run into you there. I like to keep my own voice and my own way of doing things and not get caught up in drama. So don’t expect to see me around a lot at this point, though you may see old comments from me somewhere.

Other technical issues

For best results and the best-looking layout, view this from a real computer: desktop, laptop, tablet (if you must, and the bigger the better, in landscape/horizontal orientation). This site is also quite accessible from a smaller tablet in portait/vertical orientation or from a cell phone but the elements will move around. The front page explains all that. Just click the site title to get back there.


I made a conscious decision when I began this site to never use it directly to earn income. The most I might ever do is mention some fan art thing I’m working on and maybe link to it from the site-update blog, but that would be indirectly earning and from my art or crafting, not from selling something ON this site. It just seems nicer that way, and will probably keep me out of all sorts of legal trouble too. So if you ever see a link to Amazon for one of his movies (or, say, if I add links to same from his filmography page), those will be straight-up links, not affiliate links, and you can tell by looking at the URL (website address) in your browser bar, even on a phone.

The best part of not having fucking ads everywhere on this site is it’ll load faster. I take a certain amount of pride in that. Y’all, nearly everyone in the developed world has broadband internet now. If your site is slow to load, you are doing something wrong. Maybe fix it.

Date at top of page is last updated. Check back occasionally for updates.