Just adding this to say…

Kid was looking over Instagram, I think, and remarked to me a little while ago: “Huh. Jack Black shaved his beard.”

End of an era, I thought, because Black’s beard has truly become a thing of wonder over the course of the pandemic.

And then it hit me.

“A-ha!” I cried. “I bet they’re filming the new Jumanji!” He’s got facial hair in that, but not nearly as much. Like, he’d get to about that long in a week or two, three at the outside. So if they ARE filming it, while they wouldn’t be filming it right NOW, they will be soon.

If I’m right, it won’t be long ’til Rory goes back to work too. If you see any fans sharing recent pics of him on Instagram and he’s got Glorious Beard going on like at the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere in New York City two years ago, that’ll make it even more likely.

Fucking love that beard. Wanna scritch it. Sigh.