Intellectual property

[19 February 2021] Intellectual property is a major issue with any fandom undertaking. I laugh when I see people opining that copyright lawyers are assholes, because if one of them really were an asshole he could take early retirement by visiting basically any fan convention ever. It’s crazy. There’s a LOT of leniency and turning blind eyes. I think there’s a general understanding that we’re not here to steal from creators, just to celebrate what they’ve created.

I’m trying to produce as complete a picture I can of Rory McCann’s career and life, so here’s how I go about it:

If I find a good article about Rory I will “reprint” it here (a practice called mirroring) with a link to its Internet Archive page as well as a link to the original piece if it still exists. If I could only find it in print media I will endeavor to inform readers how to find the original source.

Any article I post here and anything else I add here will be attributed as best I can manage; gold standard is a mention of and link to the creator or owner, and worst case scenario I’ll link to and/or name whomever I got it from regardless of who that person or organization is.

Check back for updates; date’s at the top of this page.