Happy Burfday, Rory!

54 today!

I feel a bit silly because it’s just after 8pm here as I write this, which means it’s no longer Rory McCann’s birthday in his time zone by the time this posts but let’s face it, our dude was probably too busy having fun today, or else working, anyhow. I doubt he’ll have noticed. Anyway, I posted something to mark the occasion on my personal Instagram (so much for not treating it as a fan IG… okay, I’m still not, but occasionally I lapse), and that had his handle on it, so if he had Instagram up, possibly he was alerted. Who knows.

I’m pretty sure I posted this last year for his birthday, and it is a video that was shot on another birthday of his, in 2015 I believe. Never gets old. I love this man’s voice — but if you didn’t know that, you’re new here, ain’tcha.

(Oh look, there’s his Hound audition shirt!)

I first saw it posted on Sharleen Spiteri’s Instagram. She’s the lead singer of the Scottish band called Texas, which once shot a music video in which Rory played drums.

OMG HE’S SO FUCKING CUTE. The way he always seems to materialize at any nearby empty piano, jump up on stage when friends or interesting strangers are playing in a band, etc., you can tell he misses that life.

Well, hopefully he got to sing his heart out at some birthday party over the weekend. Good on ya, big man. 💙🤍💚