Administrivia: 21 January 2021

Looks like Rory has a new voice-acting gig. I don’t know squat about Vox Machina, but I think we can all agree Rory should get lots of voice work.

Mmmmm. Rory voice…



In other news, I see the site is still up. Don’t get too comfortable. The financial weirdness I mentioned in the previous post has sorted itself out. I had bought gas (petrol) several days ago and the transaction had gone through and then, strangely, it disappeared. So it really was a toss-up which transaction would go (back) through first. The gas did, thank Glob (that would have been interesting to deal with), but it’ll mean we have a brief outage here.

I can’t wait til this isn’t a problem anymore. Sooner rather than later, I hope.

Anyway. There you go. Rory news! ❤

Administrivia: 14 December 2021

Google Alerts tells me as of yesterday, though I didn’t see it til today, that Rory McCann has been sighted at La Lanterna West End restaurant in Glasgow.

Rory McCann at La Lanterna West End, Glasgow, late 2021

Rory McCann at La Lanterna West End, Glasgow, late 2021

The link to La Lanterna’s Instagram is in the article I linked to up there ^^^. Interestingly, nothing in the article or the IG post states any sort of time period. Not only leaving off mentioning the date but not even so much as a “last weekend” or “a month ago.” This is consistent with usual patterns in reporting Rory sightings and I rather suspect he’s had some influence on that. (What the blue hell are you fangirls doing to my poor dude?) So you’ll notice I say “late 2021” in the alt code for both pics. Best I can do.

The pandemic’s ticking up again in the UK (and everywhere) so be careful, big man. ❤

Also: new blog post category! Might as well.

Edit: I swear to Glob I really can spell “lanterna.” Have major brain glitch today, I guess. Fixed.

Administrivia: 18 April 2021

First up, I think we would all be amused to see this. I know I was.

I think we have pretty well established that fuck is Glasgow native Rory McCann’s favorite go-to cuss word, possibly followed by See You Next Tuesday, the latter demonstrated with lyrical fluency here:

In other news, and better language (for those of you who got the vapors), Google gave me this:

Meet the actor that became the ‘heart’ of Game of Thrones and he’s got some great stories

The only reason this got sent across my radar is it mentions Rory in a sentence. Here:

Aside from this, who else knew that in real life, Rory McCann (The Hound) has a history of looking after chickens (Thrones fans are probably immediately thinking of that scene)…

Oh, that’s just classic. And given everything I’ve heard about Rory in passing, like as not Rory and this guy Andy were chatting randomly between scenes and Rory regaled him with personal stories. Because oddly, given his reputation as a recluse, that’s what Rory does. That’s how he inspired Annie Griffin to write The Book Group, which kickstarted his whole fucking career in the first place. It’s so him.

I’d just about kill to be his biographer, but that’s not gonna happen, so this is close enough, I guess.

Oh, and I was delighted to learn I have the documentary the article mentions. I will have to watch that at some point and see if Andy mentions Rory any more. I like the show well enough, for all its flaws (not a dig at Rory, more a dig at book-to-film culture), that I’ll likely enjoy the rest of it too but I’ll be looking for that in specific.

Meanwhile, Breaking Bad continueth apace. I’m on season 5, either in the middle or close to it. Last call. I get done with this, I’ll go more in-depth on The Irregulars and see just how many times Rory shows up. A lot of you are ahead of me by now but I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers. All I know is Rory has been hitting my Google Alerts far too often lately to have only been in the story twice. Or maybe I overestimate the worth of entertainment media. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Okay, need more info!

I got a Google Alert on my phone about Rory (well, he’s the only one I’ve got set), and upon further investigation I find an article about movie props that actors have kept, including this gem. Pardon the sloppy screencap:

Screencap of article excerpt about Rory McCann


I have no way of knowing, without being a nosy bugger and emailing the author to ask, when Rory made this statement. The photo they included is very likely from his Jumanji: The Next Level premiere in London last December. The quote itself could be from any time between 2010 and now. Logically it should be a lot more recent — why keep a prop if you are not done filming — BUT, props for major shows and films are generally massively expensive and studios are loath to part with them. They could feasibly have let Rory keep Sandor’s sword during his off time with the understanding that he’d bring it back to work. But who knows.



Without wanting to stick my nose into Rory’s street address or anything, I am dying to know when he decided he “want[ed] a home base” after all. Denying it previously could have just been something he said in frustration at his slow career pre-GOT, though. I know he’s got a collection of armor pieces and swords from lesser-known works he’s acted in, and maybe he was tired of having no place to put them.

Or! Maybe you romance junkies are right and he did get hitched. We do know that he has always connected Having A Long-Term Relationship with Settling Down And Getting A Mortgage. Or buying the whole damn thing outright, maybe, by now.

Would explain the uptick in voice work, too.


Anyway. I’m writing this from my phone and I need to go to bed. (Unless I decide to pull an all-nighter. I seem to be moving in that direction.) May revisit this later. Perhaps I can dig up his quote somewhere else to at least pin a date range on it. We’ll see!

New B&Q ad!!!

Well, I probably won’t screenshot every single Google Alert I get about Rory. But I am TREMENDOUSLY! HAPPY! with the one I got today!

NEW B&Q AD! I love Rory McCann’s voice! YAY!!!!!

…I gotta say it’s kinda funny to hear him talking about planting stuff, what with his having wanderlust so often. My dude would never keep a garden going, it’d all be back to weeds by the time he returned.

That’s OK. You should see my poor spearmint and I don’t run around.


and SPEAKING OF new from Rory… see next post!

(It’ll take a while! There will be screencaps! Lovely screencaps! I LOVE RORY SCREENCAPS!)