Administrivia: 30 November 2021

Part the first:

OMG, I’m updating this thing on my laptop. WHEW. I hate typing on my phone.

Won’t do this every time, because hotspot is slow, but it’s nice to do it this time.

Part the second:

Wow. I got three spam pingbacks. I truly have arrived!

I don’t allow comments here, obviously, and pingbacks are a different critter which shows up in the same area as the comments usually. But basically anything someone might try to add to this site, I have to approve it first, and I haven’t, sooooo.

[click] Marked as spam. Trashed. Done.

Part the third:

It’s St. Andrew’s Day! He doesn’t have a hilariously coincidental story (scroll down the post) like St. Mungo does, but he’s the patron saint of Scotland, and I’m guessing his holiday there has an importance near to that of Independence Day here. NO I AM NOT MAKING FUN OF THE INDY MOVEMENT. PLEASE DO NOT THROW ROTTEN HAGGIS AT ME. Ew. But we don’t have an equivalent holiday to this on our federal calendar. Frankly, Christmas is not supposed to be on the federal calendar, as it is. First Amendment violation. But it would be politically unpopular to remove it. So much for the Constitution.

(I’m not saying ban Christmas. I’m saying don’t keep it as a federal holiday. Not everyone gets a paid day off then anyway so I don’t see the point in the first place.)

ANYWAY, here is a St. Andrew’s Day photo for you. Don’t ever say I never do anything for you people.

Gotta go. I think I’ve let dinner sit too long and Dad will be annoyed. I was taking care of some other shit and I thought to pop in here. Hi! Later!