Administrivia: 30 June 2021

I saw a sanitized version of this on the internet somewhere and thought, “Nah, no way would he talk like that.”

So I went and dug up the photo and put my own spin on it.

where's ma fuckin kilt

I don’t think I have the patter quite right, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than it was.

Also, I have a veterinary tech on my Facebook friends list and she commented something like, “Silly dog, you’re German.” So this is possibly (probably) not a Scottie, but I think he’s close enough for government work.

Additional note: It is habitual in Scotland amongst patterers to say “How is there no whisky in my bowl” rather than “Why is there no whisky in my bowl”.

If, y’know, two-legged Scottish types drank whisky out of a bowl. Which, at least while sober or not very pished, they do not.

Speaking of whisky, I’m almost done with the Highland Park but putting off finishing it. I don’t think I’m even halfway through the Balvenie yet and I’m deliberately dragging my feet because I could have gotten another bottle this month but other stuff happened first, mostly that my bedsheet set has finally given up the ghost (I somehow wore a hole in the ground sheet, and that’s a neat trick considering all I have ever done with that bedsheet set was sleep in it) and I needed another one. Priorities. Anyway, so far I like the Highland Park better than the Balvenie. I don’t know if you remember me saying there was this weird “gap” in the flavor when I first tried the HP, but that may have been because I was early in the bottle (maybe some of the flavor settled farther down?), or maybe just because I got used to it and no longer noticed it. At any rate I find it really enjoyable now. Don’t get me wrong, the Balvenie is really good too. It’s kind of a little sweeter, or as much as that’s possible when no one added sugar. I’d get it again at some point. I’ll definitely get the HP though. I’ll go back and find one of those beginner lists at some point and figure out what to get for next month.

This not being a whisky blog, some fandom crap now: I had been meaning for some time to find the issue of Rolling Stone that Rory probably appeared in. I think I have zeroed in on it, and someone was selling it on Amazon. If I’m right, that’s now on the way; if not, I spent fifteen bucks for nothing. We’ll see, won’t we? How exciting!

Also, I was on Pinterest the other day and — sorry, Rare Rory Pics — I saw this and got curious.

formal kilt

The reason I was curious is I have seen him in this getup in another photo by a completely other person.

formal kilt again

The account that posted this second pic at Instagram is mark_irvine28. I just went and looked at him and the pic is still there. Here’s the kicker, he’s posted it three times. The oldest instance of it was from early April of 2015. That doesn’t mean that’s when the event happened but it’s likely to be the closest to it. Given the usual fan habit of waiting a day or three before posting that they’ve run into him.

What interests me is that Rory’s completely in formal getup and not only is he wearing a tie, he’s wearing some kind of boutonniere. My brain goes immediately to “wedding,” and in fact to “Rory was part of the wedding party.” Best man? Groom? Who knows. Definitely not just an invitee, they don’t usually dress that formal.

He has the same exact boutonniere in the first photo, so that’s from the same event.

My personal theory based on the scant available evidence is that likely, if this was a wedding, Rory was in the wedding party, but not the groom. Why? His grooming, pardon the pun. The way he hovers between clean-shaven and bearded, and his hair’s kind of in-between too. When he wants to make more of an effort, we’ve all seen that he does. Unless he was about to start filming his comeback episode in Game of Thrones — and I don’t think the timing was quite right for that — but he has a pretty heavy beard so I can’t imagine he needed that much time to grow it out for work. Clearly he hadn’t started filming yet, for sure, because he hasn’t got that weird shaved bit on his right side in these photos.

But anyway, if I were a comic strip character I’d be going around with one of those thought bubbles full of question marks about this. I am intrigued. What was going on here, and what was Rory doing? Maybe one day we’ll find out. Who knows.