Administrivia: 29 January 2023

My Google alerts about Rory are usually routine and boring; even when they’re actual news about the big man, only the first few links are worthwhile and the rest are just other media outlets playing copycat. (My disdain for entertainment media is well-earned and well-known to longtime followers of this blog. Don’t get me started; I’ll never shut up.) And that’s when they’re about him in the first place; apparently there are both a well-known artist and an athlete in the UK by that name, and sometimes I hear about them. (Also a… politician in Wisconsin?) But this one’s interesting even though it only mentions Oor Rory in passing.

It looks like we will be hearing news about the DCI Daley TV show soon. If you hadn’t heard details up til now, I think it will be a miniseries. It’s definitely not going to go on for years like Game of Thrones did, unless someone somewhere changes their mind (and this can happen). But we’ve been deprived of updates up til now. Sounds like that will change in the near future.

I wonder if that’s why Rory’s been going around with shorter facial hair. Daley isn’t bearded.


(Yes, yes, I know, his boat may still be in Troon. He didn’t take it with him to Northern Ireland for GOT, either. And that’s if he’s still living on the fucker in the first place.)


Might add more header photos today, might not. I have other things to putter around with, some having to do with my quality of life. You understand. I know Rory would.