Administrivia: 29 April 2023

So, this one’s going to be a mix of Big Man and me. Not the fun kind of mixing, alas, but probably okay, anyway.

First up: When does this man ever rest??? (When the fuck’d he have time to get married? Boy, you BETTER have taken her on a honeymoon…) So lately we’ve got, what, that Vedmire role which I think is still ongoing, and then we learned he’s in some Sonic the Hedgehog-related show as a guest star, and of course there’s the DCI Daley thing which we were supposed to hear about soon but I haven’t seen squat…

and now this.

I have no fucking idea what The Damned is about. I just know it’s a horror flick. And can I just pause for a minute and chuckle, because we longtimers (and I’m a relatively new longtimer) know that Rory McCann’s a big softie when it comes to horror flicks. Can’t watch them. Or has to watch them through his fingers and then close his eyes for the jump scares. COMPLETELY RELATABLE. There’s a reason I used to knit or crochet while watching The Walking Dead. If nothing else, because I could only take so much gross in one sitting. Anyway… This is the second outright horror thing* I can remember off the top of my head that he’s been in, and (this is not a cheap shot, just an observation) he had a lot more hair on top of his head when he was in the last one. That’s how long ago it was.

And his character died off pretty quick that time.

Rory McCann in Ghost Rig/ The Devil's Tattoo

I wonder how long this one will last.

At least I have a better shot at seeing this one than some of his other stuff which seems to have been put on streaming services I don’t subscribe to. I might still wait til it goes to DVD, though. Or I’m still in scarcity mindset and it’ll turn out I have plenty of money for a first-run movie. And yes, I would go by myself. Done it before.

(1999, The Phantom Menace, and my bastard “friends” were all going to be seeing it when I was at work so ha ha, I went early on opening day and caught the matinee and got to see it** before any of them did. EAT MY SHORTS, losers. That wasn’t the only reason I used quotation marks. But it was an early sign of worse later. Well rid. Point is, I like movies and I’ll go alone rather than miss something I’m really dying to see.)

Since I’m segueing into personal shit: I’m pleased to note I am not writing this from the library. Those of you who follow my personal shit elsewhere are aware I’ve been having weird issues with one of the organizations purporting to help me through this. Long story, won’t get into it here but they finally hit a home run. I have this room for three weeks and by the time I have to think about re-upping, which they will do for me under certain circumstances, I will have been working at my new job for two-thirds of that time and may even be getting paid by check-out day. We’ll see. I still have to house- and apartment-hunt (it’s a thing), but unless I see something that’s going to be close enough to Franklin County to make a commute reasonable, I really can’t say how that’ll go. I’m willing to put up with a little inconvenience if it means I will have a better handle on things in the long run but I still have to think about the condition of my car, the risk of getting to work late, and all that. But for now, no more rest stops. Hopefully never again, or not more than a couple nights, maximum.

I appreciate all the support-for-veterans thing, which is what this is, but if I’d known how things would turn out I’d have toughed it out in the Army for six more months and then gone the fuck to college. Tell you what, though, I’d trade my 20/20 hindsight to get my close vision back. Fuck middle age.

I will still need to delivery-drive some. I may be able to limit it to the weekends, if I keep getting help with food. Sooooo if you know where my art IG is, peek in there now and again. I’m supposed to be resting this weekend, though I don’t know how much of that I will actually do, and I’m going to try to get myself around in a bit and do more than mindless surfing online. This has been a fucking stupid year, it’s not half over, and I’m already exhausted.

*I would say The Irregulars was more supernatural drama than horror. You may feel free to disagree with me. It’s not that big of a deal.

**I regret nothing. I grew up with the original trilogy and I love the whole damn franchise — prequels, nerf herders and all.