Administrivia: 27 March 2022

I got sucked into one of those ridiculous clickbait article links on social media, but this one’s actually fun. Apparently there’s this woman in some city somewhere who holds up random signs just to comment on the issues of the day.

I got a good chuckle out of most of her signs.

Then I saw this one…

He's Not Hot He's Just Tall

…and I had to concede she sort of has next door to a point.

Because while the words are definitely not applicable in my dude’s case, it is true that merely being tall is not what makes him hot.

There’s the way his grin lights up a room…

and ANY man is hot if he reads

Add eye sparkle for maximum hawtness

Rory McCann lights up a room

There’s his silly streak a mile wide…


Rory and Balvenie

Kristofer Hivju and Rory McCann from the set of Game of Thrones (4 of 4) posted to Instagram 7 May 2019

There’s that gorgeous singing voice (and speaking of silly)…

And we just won’t mention these cause we already talk about them all the damn time

Rory McCann hand pr0n #6

Rory McCann hand pr0n #5

Rory McCann hand pr0n #4

And being a bookworm never, ever hurts his case.

Rory reading in bed

Did we mention white boy* actually has an ass? Here I go objectifying. I’m horrible…

Bruce who?

…I mean, okay. The height doesn’t hurt. I have never disliked tall men. But if that’s all you see about Mr. McCann, you are missing A LOT.

That’s not even a tall joke. Swear.

*I don’t know how it is in the UK, but racial folklore here in the USA has it that white men generally do not have butts. Given that even larger white men find themselves hitching up their britches a lot out in public (or, as with plumbers, give up the effort entirely… ew, y’all, crack kills), I suppose there’s some merit to the rumor, but it is not universally true, of course. Ahem.