Administrivia: 26 October 2021

Part the first:

So I found out something fascinating. Remember my whisky-trying adventures? Yeah… well… turns out that the mom ‘n’ pop grocery in my wee little farming town SELLS 12-YEAR BALVENIE.


Only drawback: I can’t quite recall what the price was back in Columbus. It was somewhere between $40 and $60 USD. Probably around $60.

Here? Oh… just over $80 a bottle.

And there is no Highland Park.

[sobs quietly]

But! My burfday’s in January and I’m not expecting much in the gifts department between now and then. I just might splurge. Hmmmm.

Part the second:

Remember me going on in the previous post about women marrying men 10 years younger than themselves and I said I knew two women who’d done that?

Yeah… Now I know of a third. My mom.


Dunno how she does it. Can’t say I’ve inherited much of her appeal. But there you go.

(Also, I believe this has been her longest marriage. Number four? Possibly? Damn, I quit after one.)

Part the third:

Am in the process of a Rory portrait. I worked out some better techniques and hopefully it will look amazing, but it’s also been maddeningly slow. Doesn’t help that kiddo’s burfday is coming up apace and I’m working on a handcraft thing for her. But I should hurry it up because my aunt, who has previous experience with my portraiture (the cousin I depicted as a baby now has it hanging on the wall in said cousin’s house) wants me to do a special project involving my great-grandfather. Eep.

But! The sooner I get Rory done (THE DRAWING, ya pervs), the sooner I can share him here (DITTO… and I would not share), so it’s nice to have incentive.

Okay. Enough babble for now. Babble babble babble. Bye.