Administrivia: 26 January 2022

Aha! Never had a site outage at all. Won’t break my arm patting myself on the back. I had forgotten that this hosting service likes to remind me early and then take payment early. Gives me some wiggle room. I used to be annoyed about this but am not anymore.

I thought about letting things run over because, as you know, I have some pretty major shit coming up, but I have a good working idea of what it’ll cost, and really I only cut into my financial buffer zone and I’ll soon sort that out.

Been going through all my stuff. Ex-House Male sent me stuff I had never intended to bring here because either I had no room for it or I could live without it but you can’t fucking tell him anything, which is why he’s now Ex-House Male and no longer House Male. So I get to play the Goodwill song and dance again (a nationwide charity shop in the USA, for all y’all international folk) just to gain myself necessary breathing room. FUN.

goes without saying that you will pry Rory’s autographed photo from my cold dead hands ANYWAY, more stuff to do. Just peeking in. Shit’s about to get exciting, y’all. For me, anyway.