Administrivia: 26 February 2021

First up, this actually has nothing to do with the site but it has a lot to do with Rory. It seems that under Brexit, there are new restrictions on UK-citizen creatives working in the EU and vice versa. A lot of the UK-based or UK-ish productions Rory does are filmed at least in part outside the UK; Game of Thrones (American-run but primarily out of Northern Ireland) and Beowulf and Grendel are two excellent examples. GOT made him more visible and he probably got a lot more work offers as a result up until this past 31 December but under these new rules, it’s likely that EU studios and Hollywood will have to ask other actors about parts they would have offered to him from here on out. Not cool. Not fucking cool at all.

I don’t think signatures from outside the UK will count for much but if you are in the UK, please consider signing this petition. If Parliament takes it seriously at all, you’ll be giving our dude a big, big help. Even if it’s close to or at the 20k signatures threshold, please sign it anyway. That will make more of an impression. Thanks so much!

(It is not my petition, by the way. I saw it shared on Twitter and couldn’t pass that up. I hadn’t even been aware those rules had changed. What a clusterfuck.)

Secondly, and I’ve mentioned this before, both the Facebook page and the Instagram have been nuked. You may still be able to find one or the other in search results because the deletion process is still underway; I got 14 days lead time in case I change my mind. But I’m seeing new likes on the FB page even since I started the delete process. So I’m mentioning this again just on the off-chance that more eyeballs will see it. Actually… I don’t seriously expect that saying this will stop the new likes, but who’s to say it won’t, either. What the hell.

I’m not exactly taking questions on the subject but it occurs to me some might wonder what will happen to the lovely screenshots I put up at Facebook. Don’t worry. I never deleted them. Still got them in my Rory folder. Yes. I have a Rory folder. What? I bet you have a Rory folder too. Unless you only have a phone or something. ANYWAY, there’s an entire subfolder dedicated to raw screenshots and that’s where I keep everything. I even have stuff in there I never put up on the FB page — not a lot but, for instance, most of Moby’s first stand-alone scene in The Crew because I didn’t think a guy wanking, even under clothes, was necessarily appropriate for a Facebook page.

We won’t get into why I screenshot it anyway.


(Especially if you’re one of the reasons Rory went from being proud of that movie to not wanting to talk about it. What the fuck DID you ask him at conventions??? Jeez.)

Thirdly, still working on the Articles section. That’s nothing newsworthy, just thought I’d mention.

I’m still intending to add a backstretch image to the site. The way this seems to work is it mostly shows up on the main/front page and when you scroll, the content covers it up. It’s going to be a collage, so I need to take some time and piece that together. Gotta be in the proper headspace to do that, for maximum patience. Also prefer to work on such things when there is a low likelihood of people looking over my shoulder even in passing. I already talk too much about Rory around here. It’s almost becoming a running joke. So that’ll happen when it happens. Don’t expect it to look good on a phone, by the way. I’ve decided people will just have to cope. I’m not a computer goddess.

(If I were, I’d be from Willendorf.)

(Seriously. Bleh.)

Am thinking I may add fan-art and fan-photo sections after all. It’s just a think at this stage and I need to get other things wrapped up first. I thought it’d be nice to not only chronicle Rory’s career but also give him (potentially, if he ever stops by) a place to see himself with all his fans where you don’t have to click his hashtag at Instagram and then wade through a bunch of Natalie Dormer pics. SO, SO tired of the hashtag spam. I’m still there under a few account handles but they’re projects that don’t need to rely on other people’s posts, so I have no reason to look at Search most of the time. It’s nice. I don’t miss it a bit. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I put those up.

Also, I want to get around to watching some of my new (to me) Rory stuff soon, but I’m in the middle of Breaking Bad right now — I tell you what, that is a fucking genius show, fantastic storytelling, great acting, and if you’ve never seen it you should — literally in the middle, in season 3, and when I get that done I’ll watch a Rory thing. Production. Show or movie. THAT sort of thing. (Jeez.) No big hurry. I’d rather get what’s already here lined up the way I want it before I worry too much about adding new (to the site) things, anyway. Still thinking about that potential screenshots section. We’ll see.

I may be getting my sense of humor back. Fucking hope so. Being stressed all the time was not fun.

Okay. Outies. Catch ya later.